SASSA EasyPay Green Card – What is it & How to Apply

Are you confused by the term “SASSA EasyPay Green Card” and unable to understand whether it means the SASSA card or some other bank card associated with SASSA? If yes, then your confusion will be cleared today.

SASSA EasyPay Green Card

Easypay Green card is a separate entity and doesn’t have any relation with SASSA. SASSA announced that they don’t have any affiliation with Easypay.

Easypay Green Card is a loan service associated with MoneyLine, a subsidiary of Net1 Company.

Please keep reading to find out all the details about Easypay green cards, loans, and their connections with SASSA beneficiaries and to clear up any confusion. I will describe everything in detail so you will never have any more confusion.

What is the SASSA EasyPay Green Card?

MoneyLine operates Easypay. The Moneyline is a subsidiary of Net1. The Easypay green card is just a financial service that lends loans to the SASSA beneficiaries.

It also offers loans to other people rather than SASSA recipients. Still, its specific announcement for SASSA grant holders was that they are receiving monthly payments, and EasyPay can easily deduct the loan payments from their monthly grants.

How Did SASSA EasyPay Green Card Cause Confusion?

As you know now, SASSA doesn’t have any association with the Easypay green card, and they strictly deny it. Some people spread the rumours by word of mouth. 

Easypay’s announcement of the loan service for the SASSA beneficiaries caused confusion. Some people misunderstood it and spread fake news.

By spreading this news some people thought that the Easypay card is the same as a SASSA card and they are eligible to get loans from SASSA and applied for it. That all was done under the confusion, and no one was completely clear about it, and even some people misguided others without knowing.

As a result, those who applied for an EasyPay card loan regretted it later and had to repay the loan amount from their monthly grant payments at a high-interest rate.

Why is SASSA Not Associated with Easypay?

So, you must understand now that SASSA and Easypay are two totally different entities. The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) is a government agency that aims to provide financial assistance in the form of social grants to South African citizens who are facing financial hardships.

On the other hand, Easypay provides financial services, including loans, which people need to repay with interest. SASSA does not provide loans; it only offers social grants. 

They both have their own eligibility criteria and application processes. One of the Easypay criteria is that you must be receiving SASSA grants. However, that does not mean that they are associated with SASSA; it is only for their relaxation that you are receiving the monthly payment and can repay the loan easily.

How to Apply for an EasyPay Green Card?

Now, you are well aware of the connection between SASSA and Easypay. If you are still interested in applying for EasyPay green card, then please follow the below procedure:

  • Visit your nearest Net1 Financial service branch.
  • Bring along your mobile phone and necessary FICA documents.
  • Identity document: Smart ID card or RSA green barcoded ID book.
  • Proof of address, such as a utility bill or bank statement that shows your current address. (it must be dated within the last three months).
  • Meet with a consultant at the branch.
  • Complete the application process for your EPE card.

That’s it. The process typically takes at most 10 minutes. Please keep in mind that once you are approved for an EasyPay loan, you will need to repay it with interest from your monthly grant payments.

How to Check EasyPay Green Card Balance?

Checking your EasyPay balance is quite an easy and simple process. You need to follow the following steps:

  • Dial USSD code 1203737# from your registered mobile number.
  • Enter your EasyPay Green Card PIN when prompted.
  • You’ll receive information about the remaining balance on your card.

That’s all it takes to check your balance.

How to Withdraw Your Money from EasyPay Official Merchant?

Please follow the below steps to withdraw your money from EasyPay’s official merchant:

  • Locate the wallet button on the EasyPay home screen and tap on it.
  • Open the withdrawal menu.
  • Click on the withdraw tool.
  • Enter the amount you wish to withdraw.
  • Input your 6-digit passcode for security.
  • Confirm the withdrawal by tapping “yes.”
  • Receive your payment.

What is the Difference Between SASSA and EasyPay Green Card?

SASSA and EasyPay are independent financial services, each serving a specific purpose and being associated with different businesses. 

EasyPay is a private company that provides financial services, including loans. On the other hand, SASSA is a government entity that offers financial assistance to those facing financial difficulties and unable to fulfill their family’s basic needs.

EasyPay only provides loans when you have the income to pay the loan. Anyone who takes loans from EasyPay must repay the loan amount with interest. SASSA provides grants to its beneficiaries so they can fulfill their basic needs, and they do not need to repay anything.

EasyPay requires you to have income sources to repay your loan, while SASSA only considers you eligible for the grant if you don’t have any income source.

In summary, both are not the same and work in totally different ways.


So, your confusion related to the SASSA EasyPay Green Card has been clarified. The EasyPay Green Card, managed by MoneyLine, is not directly linked to SASSA. It offers loans to individuals, including SASSA beneficiaries, but it has no affiliation with SASSA. This misunderstanding has resulted in some applicants facing unexpected repayment challenges.

SASSA provides grants to those in financial need, whereas EasyPay offers loans that must be repaid with interest. So, if you’re considering applying for an EasyPay Green Card, ensure you understand the terms and remember that they operate independently of SASSA’s assistance programs.


The SASSA EasyPay Green Card is a financial service operated by MoneyLine, a subsidiary of Net1 company. It offers loans primarily to SASSA beneficiaries but is not affiliated with SASSA itself.

SASSA and EasyPay are separate entities with distinct purposes. SASSA is a government agency providing grants to those in need, while EasyPay is a private company offering loans that must be repaid with interest.

To apply for an EasyPay Green Card, visit your nearest Net1 Financial service branch with your mobile phone and necessary FICA documents, including proof of identity and address. Meet with a consultant to complete the application process, which typically takes around 10 minutes.

SASSA provides grants to those facing financial hardships, while EasyPay offers loans that require repayment with interest. EasyPay requires income sources for repayment, whereas SASSA grants are provided to those without income sources.

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