SASSA Social Grants Increase April 2024 – Learn About Raised & More

All SASSA grants are increased once again from 1st April 2024. Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana announced the increment of SASSA Social Grants during his budget speech held on Wednesday afternoon, February 21st, 2024, in Cape Town.

SASSA Social Grants Increase April 2024

The Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana said:

“We are sensitive to the increase in the cost of living for the nearly 19 million South Africans who rely on these grants to make ends meet. In this regard, we have done as much as the fiscal envelope allows.”

Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana

Please keep in mind that last year’s increment was announced in October 2023, and the grants are increased again after 6 months. It comes as good news for millions of South Africans struggling with rising living costs and relying on SASSA Social grants only.

The further good news is that the SRD grant has also increased this year for the first time since its launch. Please keep reading this article to know how much each grant has increased and what payments you are going to receive from 1st April 2024.

SASSA Social Grants Increase 2024

All grants are increased by keeping inflation and rising living costs in mind. The increases are the following:

SASSA Old Age Grant Increase 2024

The SASSA Old Age Grant will increase by R100 in 2024. The increase will be divided into two parts:

  1. An increase of R90 from April 2024
  2. An additional R10 increment from October 2024.

Old Age Pension Increase for Individuals Aged 60 to 75

The old age pension for individuals aged between 60 and 75 will increase to R2,180 from R2,090 starting in April 2024. An additional increase of R10 will take place in  October 2024, raising the grant amount to R2,190.

Old Age Grant Increase for Ages 75 and Over

Starting in April 2024, the monthly grant amount for recipients aged 75 or older will increase to R2200 from R2110. This amount will further rise to R2210 from October 2024, reflecting a R10 increase.

SASSA Disability Grant Increase 2024

The Disability Grant has also increased by R100, and the increase is divided into two parts.

  • The grant amount will be increased to R2,180 from R2,090 in April 2024.
  • The further R10 increment will be made in October 2024, bringing the monthly amount to R2,190.

SASSA Care Dependency Grant Increase 2024

The Care Dependency Grant also increased by R100, and this increase is divided into two parts:

  • The monthly amount will rise to R2,180 from R2,090 starting April 2024.
  • The additional R10 increase will be made in October 2024, resulting in a total monthly grant amount of R2,190.

SASSA War Veteran’s Grant Increase 2024

The amount of SASSA War Veterans Grant is also increased by R100, and the increase is divided into two parts:

  • Starting in April 2024, the War Veterans Grant amount will be increased to R2,200 from R2,110.
  • Starting from October 2024, the amount will further increase by R10 to R2,210.

SASSA Child Support Grant Increase 2024

The Child Support Grant has increased from R510 to R530, reflecting an R20 raise. This adjustment will come into effect from April 1st, 2024. The top-up amount for children remains unchanged at R250. Hence, the total monthly grant amount received by the child support grant recipients will now be R780, with the top-up amount.

SASSA Foster Child Grant Increase 2024

The Foster Child Grant is increased from R1,130 to R1,180 by an R50 increase. The recipients will receive the increased amount starting from April 2024.

SASSA SRD R350 Grant Increase 2024

There is also good news for SRD (Social Relief of Distress) R350 grant recipients as well. Enoch Gondowaga announced the R350 grant increase on Wednesday, March 13th, 2024 in the National Assembly. 

The SRD R350 Grant will be increased to R370 from 1st April 2024. It is raised by R20 with a 5.7% increase.

The R350 grant has been increased for the first time since its launch, so this is actually very exciting news for all the SRD grant recipients.

SASSA Social Grant Increases for 2024

Tabulated Summary of SASSA Grant Payment Increases 2024

Here is the table representing all SASSA grants, detailing their grant amounts before the April 2024 increase and after the increases in April and October 2024:

GrantMarch 2024April 2024October 2024 Total Increase
Old Age Grant (60 to 75)R2,090R2,180R2,190R100 (4.8%)
Old Age Grant (75 & Above)R2,110R2,200R2,210R100 (4.7%)
Disability GrantR2,090R2,180R2,190R100 (4.8%)
Child Support GrantR510R530R20 (3.9%)
War Veterans GrantR2,110R2,200R2,210R100 (4.7%)
Care Dependency GrantR2,090R2,180R2,190R100 (4.8%)
Foster Child GrantR1,130R1,180R50 (4.4%)
SRD R350 GrantR350R370R20 (5.7%)

The SASSA payment schedule for 2024 has also been released. For SRD R350 payment dates, you need to check your SASSA status.

SASSA Social Grants Budget: 2023/24 – 2025/26

Over the Medium-Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF) period, the government allocated R1.17 trillion for social grants and welfare services, along with initiatives to strengthen advocacy for women, youth, and individuals with disabilities. Social grants represent 81.8 percent of the expenditure allocated to this function over the medium term.

According to the National Treasury, the amount allocated for social grants (excluding the COVID-19 SRD Grant) from this expenditure is R217.1 billion in 2023/24, which will increase to R259.3 billion in 2026/27 to cope with inflation and the increasing number of grant recipients.

Currently, the number of social grant recipients (excluding SRD Grant beneficiaries) is 18.8 million, projected to increase to 19.7 million by 2026/27. Over the Medium-Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF) period, the child support and old age grants combined make up 64.9 percent of the total grant expenditure.

A budget of R33.6 billion is allocated separately for COVID-19 Social Relief of Distress (SRD). The allocation of funds for the SRD grant is until March 2025, and its further extension is pending a decision, with no budget allocated for it after March 2025.

The Government’s Dedication to Social Welfare

The current increase shows the government’s dedication to Social Welfare. Even with the constrained budget, they tried to increase the grant as much as their fiscal envelope allowed. The government is trying its best to help its citizens cope with inflation and the rising cost of living. They always want to ensure that the people who rely on grants are able to fulfill their basic needs and try to come out of poverty.

By prioritizing social welfare initiatives, the government shows that it wants to help everyone and uplift the most vulnerable people in society. These steps not only ease people’s current financial problems but also provide them with the resources they need to become more financially stable and independent.

The government’s primary goal is to support human dignity, resilience, and collective prosperity; this continuous dedication to social welfare is a great example.


In conclusion, the SASSA Grant Increase for April 2024 brings much-needed relief to millions of South Africans facing financial challenges. With adjustments made to various grants, including the long-awaited increase in the SRD R350 Grant, the government demonstrates its commitment to supporting citizens in coping with rising living costs.

Despite budget constraints, these increments aim to assist vulnerable individuals and families in meeting their basic needs and improving their quality of life. By prioritizing social welfare initiatives, the government underscores its dedication to fostering human dignity and collective prosperity for all.


All SASSA grants are increased, with amounts varying for different grants. For example, the Old Age Grant sees a total increase of R100, while the Child Support Grant receives an R20 raise.

The increased grant amounts will take effect from April 1st, 2024, with additional increments for some grants scheduled for October 2024.

The Child Support Grant is increased from R510 to R530, reflecting a raise of R20 starting from April 2024.

Yes, the SRD R350 Grant will be increased to R370 from April 1st, 2024. This marks the first increase since its launch.

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