SASSA R350 Approved But No Payment Date? – Reasons & Solutions

Are you not receiving your SASSA R350 payment dates even after your status is approved? If yes, then you need to know that you are not alone. Thousands of other grant holders are facing the same issue. Mostly, it is caused by missing or incorrect banking details, but there are also many other reasons, from workload on SASSA to technical glitches in the SASSA system.

Why my SASSA R350 Approved But No Payment Date

In this article, we will go through all the possible reasons why your grant status is approved, but the pay dates are not provided and a solution to fix this problem to start receiving your grant money again.

Why Your Payment is Approved, But Dates are Missing (SRD Grant)

As I said, there are many factors which can result in no pay dates so we will see all the reasons one by one:

1. Incorrect or Missing Banking Details:

This is one of the biggest reasons why you do not receive pay dates. You must provide your banking details while applying for an SRD grant and make sure they are correct. The verification pending can also be from SASSA’s side.

As SASSA said:

“Those approved but not yet paid are those whose records are outstanding bank accounts or bank accounts provided failed bank account verification or bank accounts pending verification from National Treasury or those who selected cash send payments”

2. Bank Account Balance Exceeds the Means Test Criteria:

The other possible reason is that your bank account has an amount that exceeds the means test criteria. You must make sure that your bank balance should be less than the means test criteria, and you should not have received any heavy payments in recent days.

3. Your Contact Details Are Incorrect:

While there is a rare chance that it can be due to incorrect contact details, it can also be the reason. So, you must make sure your contact details are always correct and up to date.

4. SASSA Needs Any Additional Verifications:

Sometimes, SASSA needs further verification of your documents or any other details that can also cause delays in payments. You need to check on your registered phone number to see if SASSA sends you any notification for any additional verification.

5. The Workload on SASSA:

The one possible reason for the delayed payment date is the workload on SASSA. As there are millions of beneficiaries, SASSA needs to check every month, and also thousands of new applications are received each month. SASSA needs to check them all and verify them according to their procedures. So, although they have approved your application, they need more time to process your R350 payments.

6. Technical Issues on SASSA System:

Apart from the above reasons, the issue could also be due to any technical glitches in the SASSA system. If it is due to any technical issue, then it will be fixed automatically within a few hours.

These were some of the few very common reasons that are causing delays in your payment dates.

Solutions for SASSA SRD R350 Grant Approved But No Payment Date

Now, let’s move towards the solution and see how you can fix your payment delay issues. I will explain each solution one by one, along with the details of which solution is needed for your case.

Solutions for SASSA SRD R350 Grant Approved But No Payment Date

1. Add or Update Banking Details:

The first thing you need to check to solve the payment dates issue is to check your bank account details. Please follow the below steps:

  • Login to the SASSA services web portal at
  • Go to the banking details section.
  • If you haven’t provided your banking details yet, then please add your bank account details and select “Bank” as your payment method.
  • If you already provided your bank information, then recheck the details. If there is something wrong with the account number, correct it.
  • Now save your updated bank details.

So, if you find any mistakes in your banking details, then your pay date issue will be fixed after updating the details. You will have to wait up to 7 days and then need to check your status and payment dates again, and it will be fixed.

Note: Please keep in mind that the bank account must be in your name, SASSA can’t pay your grant payment to anyone else’s account.

2. Check if Your Bank Account Does Not Exceed the Amount Limit:

If your banking details were already correct, then you need to check your bank balance to see if it has an amount greater than the means test eligibility limit. If your balance is under the minimum SASSA limits, then check the previous month’s transaction to see if there were any greater transactions.

If the balance or the previous month’s transactions exceed the limits, then your payment date issue is due to that. If these transactions are under your income source, you will not receive the payments. However, if these transactions are due to other reasons and don’t reflect your true income, contact SASSA.

If the purpose is genuine and understandable, then SASSA will help you in solving the pay date issue and you will soon receive your payments.

3. Recheck Your Contact Details:

If your bank details are correct and there are also no transaction issues, then you need to check your contact details. Your contact details may be incorrect or not updated for a longer time. 

SASSA also sends notifications regarding your payment dates, but you may not receive them due to wrong contact details. 

So, please log in to the SASSA services portal and recheck your contact details. If there is any incorrect or outdated information, update it. After the update, it may take up to 7 days to reflect the changes in your account.

4. Contact SASSA to Identify the Exact Reason:

Once you check your banking details, amount limit issue and contact details, and they all seem to be fine, then the delay in your payment could be due to the load of work on SASSA, and they may need more time to process your payments.

But still, to find the exact reason for the delay, contact the SASSA helpline at 0800 60 10 11. The SASSA representative will ask about your identity card number and can also ask for any other information to verify your identity. After the verification, they will let you know the exact reason why you did not receive the payment dates and when you will receive your next payment.

If you don’t prefer to call, you can also visit your nearest SASSA office to find out the exact reason. You must take your identity document while visiting the office. SASSA needs to verify if you are the real owner of the grant before providing any information related to your grant.

Alternatively, you can also contact SASSA at their WhatsApp number: 082 046 8553.


In conclusion, if your SASSA status is approved but you’re not receiving payment dates, it’s important to know you are not alone. You can fix your payment dates problem by confirming your banking details are correct, your bank balance is under the means test limit, and your contact details are correct. If these details are already correct, then you can contact SASSA directly for assistance. Remember, SASSA is always here to help you with all your grant-related issues.


If you are not receiving payment dates even after your status is approved, there could be multiple reasons that include incorrect or missing banking details, exceeding the means test criteria in your bank account balance, incorrect contact details, additional verifications needed by SASSA, high workload on SASSA’s part, or technical glitches in the SASSA system.

If your banking details are incorrect, pending verification, or failed bank account verification, SASSA will not be able to provide you payment dates as they can’t be processed with incorrect details.

If your bank and contact details are correct and you did not exceed any means test criteria, then you need to contact SASSA directly to identify the exact reason. You can call them through their helpline at 0800 60 10 11 or visit the nearest SASSA office with your identity document. Alternatively, you can contact SASSA on their WhatsApp number at 082 046 8553.

No, you must have a specified pay date to collect your R350 payments.

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  1. hi mine approved for 2 month but no pay date and i provide the correct banking details so i dont know

    1. Hi,

      Please try calling SASSA or visit their office and ask them to give you the reason on your no payment date. They will surely give you the reason and guide you on the next steps to get your pay date.

  2. Hi i have approved since 2022 till now not getting dates
    Please help me with the dates 🙏

    1. Hey My name is Mr R.Mathebula I help people with issues due to their Social Sassa R350 Grant

  3. I got approved for months but got no pay dates …unemployed i really need this money so hurry up and fix delays and give us pay dates

      1. Please give me a date I really need this money to do something serious
        Since February 2024 is approved but no date please give me a date

    1. I’m sphokazi It been 17 months not getting my payment for R350 i even call sassa to help my they put me on hold saying i have to wait even now I’m still waiting help me please

    2. Hello I have been approved for February and March but no dates April is still pending please help

    3. My sassa grant is approved but still no payment date what can I do please help me

    4. I got approved for 8 months but got no pay dates… Unemployed I really need this money so hurry up and and fix delays and give me pay dates

      1. Hi my srd has approved bt no pay date since 2022 December.. 2023 February approved but no date I want to know what is going on with my SRD

  4. Hi my srd has approved but no pay date since 2022 April till December 2023 January have a payday February still approved and then March have a payday now I want to know what is going on with my srd?

  5. i lost my phone and nomber it says aproved all other months n dates but i didint have bank details n i fix all that and than february26 iwent to sassa to fix things after feb it says MARCH it says null why null pls help me

  6. Hi mine says decline because of source of income and I’m not working, i only receive social grant/ child grant

      1. same here the next thing it will say decline if you phone them they will say do an appeal and then you’ll just need to forget about that money because you wont get it i waited from December till now my appeal didn’t approve now it pending none stop and im waiting for decline and it fine because i cant do anything and it so sad

  7. It’s only saying sapo
    What this even means my banking details says approved. I can’t fix the situation any suggestions please
    Really appreciate it

  8. It’s being two months now ,not getting 350 grants it’s saying approved but not dates,I’ve being calling every week to toll free number of sassa but no help,they saying I have to wait until when.

  9. I have lodged appeal so since December it’s approved but no pay date.i have called sassa they said I must be patient they are going to pay all the money

        1. Hi I have 6 months that was approved almost 2 yrs ago, with paydates, but no money, I have spoken to sassa, they said they will send me the payment link, at the moment they were off line.. But that was last year already, still to day no money. Banking details is correct.

    1. Hi Ayanda,

      It simply means that your grant is approved for the month of January and February but SASSA didn’t provided the payment dates when you will receive it.

  10. Hi
    My daughter was approved for 12 months so she didn’t had bank account but Feb 2024 we managed to open bank account for her but we suprised wen she only got Feb money

  11. Hi i tried to apply for Sassa it was denied because someone applied for me using my details without my concern. He/She received the money for 3 months. I then visited sassa offices they updated my details, on January 2024 it was declined because of other income. February approved without a date. When i appeal it say identity verification has being verified. While i updated my details in january and 350 was declined.

  12. I was approved with a pay date for last year October and for this year January as well but I didn’t get any money

  13. I never received money for January and February. It is approved without dates. All my details is accurate. What am I suppose to do ?

    1. Hi Deidre,

      If your all details are correct, then you need to contact SASSA helpline at 0800 601 011. They will let you know the exact reason that causing your payment delays.

    2. Every month I call sassa approved no playdates because I lost my fone now they send the link to that number and I want they to sent it to my new number.

  14. My DES. 2023 r350 has been approved but haven’t received a date, JAN. 2024 approved & received a date, FEB. 2024 approved but never received a date, I really want to now y & were I can go to for help, PLZ.???

    1. Hi Leandre,

      You need to call SASSA helpline at 0800 601 011 to find out the exact reason that why you are not receiving the payment dates.

  15. My January 2024 R350 has approved but the is no pay date so i’ve been patient for a while now i need some help please…🥺🙏

      1. Goodmorning. Im waiting for three months now for a pay date. Still nothing. What can be the problem

      2. My name is Jabulane Walter Nkosi. My May 2024 Srd grant was approved but no payment date is displayed.

  16. Hi I went to Shoprite to collect my 350 my date for February is approved with playdate but when I got there at Shoprite they sad there is no money

  17. Hi my November and December 2022 they’ve been approved with pay dates,only to find out that my account was deactivated due to no income.I. called your offices they told me what to do and i followed all the steps and my account was activated,i was told my miney will be in,in no time.When i withdraw there was no money.I went to check my status again it said approved but pay day still null till today.August 2022 was declined I applied for appeal it is approved but still not yet paid and its been 18months now.What might be the cause?

  18. Good day just a quick one I have being approved since Aug2022 but only received 4 payment I lost my phone so using my fiancé phone but when I phone they always say be patience and sorry I can’t understand how it works I mean they owe me a lot why no back payments must I go and report something like this I mean how do they aprrove but don’t give you your money I need to report it it’s being too many sorries and no payments

    1. Hi Madonela,

      Please read this article to understand the reasons behind no pay dates and then follow the mentioned solutions.

  19. Hi Sir.. I lost my phone with my simcard.. So I want to change my cellphone number.. Can you please help me

  20. I applied in November last year it was and the was no payment later said null,December declined reason(debtor),got the paydate for January and February, don’t know what s going on.Reply

  21. Hi
    I didn’t receive my 350r Sassa payment, I don’t know why. If I get this month e.g next month it won’t. Why is that? It’s been happening since it’s started. Please help.

  22. Hi

    I received my payment dates for all the other months and was paid but Im still waiting for January 2024 payment date.
    I contacted the call center helpline and was advised that I just need to be patient as all my details are correct

    Can you please assist

    1. Hi Bithiah,

      You should wait for update from the SASSA. As they already said to be patient and wait. Hope you will soon receive it.

    1. Hi Athenkosi,

      If your application status is pending from that long, then please contact SASSA helpline to get the update about it.

      1. Hi from Sept to February I did not received my money but when I check on status it’s approved but no pay date plzz. help and my bank details still pending

  23. hi ever since i applied its been saying approved with no date since july last year till now and my feb status says declined now i even change my banking details still no changes

  24. Hi im Jordan Lee my sassa is approved since sep2022 untill jan2024 with no paydates I know the problem is I need to change my contact no But how?

  25. 1st question…why did my application id number change?? On my previous app ID I received every month when covid ended I reapplied within the time period stated my app ID changed after reapplying???
    2nd question….I haven’t recieved any payments from April 2022 till now Feb 2024 some months it’s declined as debtor(don’t know why) some means of Incme(still unemployed) some approved but no payment dates…

    Please help

    1. Hi Kerry,

      For your first question, your reference number changed because you reapplied for the grant.

      For your second question, can you please let me know if you provided the correct banking details to receive your grant payments? Also if your grant is rejected for any reason, you should submit an appeal for that month.

  26. Hey my Sassa it’s approved since last year September but there is no pay date for 5 months and when i checked there is nothing wrong with my banking details and mobile number what can i do to get help

    1. Hi Masilo,

      Please contact SASSA at 0800 60 10 11. Explain them that you are not receiving payment dates even after having all correct details, they will let you know the reason why you are not receiving the dates and help you to solve the issue.

    1. Hi my srd grant is approved for Jan. 2024 but it shows payment date null. I did not receive nothing in January and it is already the 10th of Feb. 2024. What is wrong

      1. Hi Jan,

        If your banking details are correct but still you did not receive your grant, then please contact SASSA helpline.

  27. Dear Sir or Madam I would like to know about my payment of Sassa I didn’t get my r350 I don’t know why.

  28. Hi my January 2024 R350 is approved.but no payment date till today.not sure what’s going on,coz I’ve been receiving it nicely last year…plz help 🙏
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Winile,

      If you received your payments smoothly last year, then it means your banking details and everything else is already perfect. Please contact SASSA at their helpline to know about your delayed January payment.

  29. Hi I got registered for my 350 in 2022 Dec
    I had no bank account back then till I made one last year
    All my statuses from dec 2022 says they are approved until 2023 Dec
    Jan 2024 I received the 350 on the card I registered with
    My question is I going to receive the remaining grands that have been approved before 2024 or not?

  30. Greetings. My srd 350 was approved for January 2024 and I received the pay date for the 30th of January. But there has been no payment made to my bank account. A few other people are having the same problem. Please can you assist me?

    1. In 2022 l never have account but sassa was always says approved. I did account in 2023 on October . Then l find 350 on November

      1. I apply for my cc she been getting her money but now it only approve with no date no sure whether it account we she had or what

  31. Hi I have been approved for srd appeals however I only got paid for the November 2022 in July 2023 and then
    It’s only approval information no pay date issued from July 2023 to date.What is so wrong with Sassa srd pay system?OrJusy somebody advice me on where to go and report this fraud ulent matter because we need to make ends meet with this Sassa grant money.

    1. Hi Lebogang,

      You need to contact SASSA at their helpline to solving your issue. The Department of Social Development handles the cases of appeals if you are not agreed with SASSA decision.

  32. Hi
    My srd grants have been approved but have no payments dates yet,i have using the cash send method some of the months I would get an sms notification but now I nor longer get the notifications

    1. Hi Babalwa,

      Please update your payment method to banking details. You will start receiving the payments.

  33. Hi my R350 grant decline since last year and I made appeal the appeal still pending from May until now I need help even my January declined

    1. Hi Nomvuyo,

      If your appeal is still pending after waiting for so long, then please contact SASSA directly at their helpline number 0800 60 10 11 to get the update about your appeal.

  34. Have approved payments now for months, but no payment yet. Was excited for the money as I need important chronic meds, which will help as I battle otherwise and can’t afford it otherwise. Please can somebody assist me?? Please?? Thanks!! 😬

  35. Hi, my status shows “application complete” with a couple of months approved and pay day is null on all of them.

    what does that mean?

  36. Hi I have a problem since 2023 my 350 approved but no pay date I have account but nw 2024 January approved nd pay date 31 I got my money on my account for only January this month

    1. Hi I’ve got approved status but no payday and I also want to change banking details to cash send idont know how to do it because it only show banking details

    1. Hi Sikzota,

      Can you please check if you provided the correct banking details? Most of the time it is caused by incorrect banking details.

  37. Since 2022 August my SRD approved but i do not received paydates whats going on till today, please help me to receive my SRD.

  38. I have been getting paid since last year October till December no January is approved the bank account is in my name but no payment date what code be the issue I am using Shoprite money market account what could be the issue

  39. Hi I’ve been approved for 12 months but there’s no pay dates….I only had dates for December 2023 and January 2024 but the other 12 months before December doesn’t have pay dates and I’ve updated my banking details….

    1. Hi Armando,

      Please contact SASSA regarding your previous payments as they will be able to tell you exactly if you can get the previous payments. The issue is seems to be caused by missing or incorrect bank details in past.

      1. Hi in October month 2023 there was money paid in to my account for medical reason. November 2023 and December 2023 I didn’t not get SRD R350 Grant, January 2024 my SRD Grant was paid in, but what about last year November and December 2023 grant I didn’t receive. Did I lost that money or is there something I can do about it

      2. Hi Lerato
        This month I didn’t receive my R350 but last week I checked it said (approved and date null) today I checked it it says (approved and date the 2 March 2024) i didn’t receive it and I use a bank account to receive it. Cause last month I did receive it.

        1. Hi Lerato,

          You should call SASSA helpline and explain the situation. They will help you to send this month grant in your bank account.

  40. Hi
    My R350 got approved for the 1st time in November and there was no pay date. I got approved again for December and January got the pay dates as well but November still got no date, so I was wondering what might be the problem.

    1. Hi Petro,

      The amount has been increased from October 2023. If you received the less amount, then please contact the SASSA helpline at 0800 60 10 11 to find out the reason.

  41. Another thing is I applied for this grant from 2022 but haven’t received anything as yet .I really need this money I am unemployed .

    1. Hi my sasa grant was approved last month but no pay date it says null null yes I did change my banking details but it’s been a long time

      1. Hi Gcinamakhosi,

        If your banking details are correct but still you are not receiving your grant, then please call the SASSA helpline at 0800 60 10 11.

  42. Gud day I keep on sending emails asking for cash send option cause I dnt have a valid bank account I have seven months approved without a paydate, help

    1. Hi Brian,

      To receive the R350 grant, you need to open a bank account. Please open a bank account and then provide your banking details to the SASSA, you will start receiving your R350 grant payments.

  43. My contact details and bank detail is up to date I have 18 months approved but don’t get paid I have phoned time and again but no chance it seems like I will never get it

    1. Hi Arno,

      Please visit your nearest SASSA office and explain your complete situation to the representative. They will look into it and try to solve your payment problem.

  44. Hello.

    I have applied for the R350 grant since November 2022..I only received payment last year December…Every time I check.. it says pending and after pending it declines…I wanna know what really is the problem.?

  45. Hi my dad turned 60 on the 27th last week and He checked status and did not get paid for January and status saying decliened:NULL


  46. I have been approved for January 1st but ddnt receive the money kindly assist me with this regard

  47. What should I do I didn’t get payments date for whole last year but I’m approved I only got a date this year what should I do

    1. Hi Abram,

      You should contact SASSA at their helpline at 0800 60 10 11 to know the exact reason. But please first make sure if you provided your banking and contact details correctly.

  48. I don’t gat my 350 since last year anti i get a job 7 months approved but no date end im not using that number

  49. Banking details are correct,contact details are correct but i still have 3months approved without dates but for January I have a date

    1. Hi Sebabatso,

      If all the details are correct then you need to contact SASSA. They will let you know the exact reason of your no pay dates.

  50. My 350r has been a approved all are long but they is no date ,after I put my banking details will I receive the money that has been approved before or I won’t get it all it’s like last year January until December it was approving but no date will I receive all the money ?

    1. Hi Thandi,

      If your appeal taking more than 90 days, then you need to contact SASSA to know about the status of your application.

  51. Hi, I recieved my payment date for January but it says the date is 01/01/2024 and I never recieved any money on New year’s day this year up until today. Could this miss understanding the reason I have not recieved my payment

    1. Hi Lwazi,

      Please make sure you have provided the correct banking details. Once the banking details are correct, you should receive your grant payments. But if you still don’t receive then please contact SASSA helpline.

  52. On the mid January it was keep on pending than later it’s approved on 24 January it’s approved and date was the 1 January 2024 that date already passed but payment made

  53. I don’t have bank account and my sassa 350 grant was approved for 6 months but no payday dates…
    What can I do, please help

  54. Hi there, i got approved and paydate and still can not get the money by Boxer store and Shoprite since i do not have a bank and have collecting my R350 by these stores

    1. Hi Bihle,

      Are you not getting pay dates or unable to receive your grant payment from Boxer and Shoprite stores?

        1. Hi Aboobakr,

          If you already have the pay dates then what problem you are facing in getting your grant money?

  55. From 2022 my grant was pending till now i received R350 only on december 2023 but no paydates for the other months

    1. Hi Makomana,

      Please check your banking details to make sure they are correct. If they are correct and still you are not receiving the payments, then you need to contact SASSA.

  56. Hello I got approved in November and December but the date says it’s null but for January I got the pay day date

  57. hello I will like to know why my status keeps pending since from March 2023 till November 2023 and they was no money getting in to my Account.. than on December I have received it … now it’s January 2024 it’s starts that thing again.. when I check status pending … even in this period they was no cash flow in to my Account but still status says pending and the my banking details are correct

    1. Hi Kutlwano,

      You will need to contact SASSA helpline at 0800 60 10 11 to find out the exact reason of your status pending.

  58. Hi am vuyiswa mahloko my srd grant is pending since I got married and change my surname just stopped immediately but when I checked your grant is active but I couldn’t receive any money

    1. Hi Vuyiswa,

      Did you updated your personal details including name in the SASSA portal after getting married? If not, then please update them. Once your all information is correct, and you meet the eligibility criteria, then you will start receiving your grant payments again.

  59. Hi, my status is checked regularly and since Dec 2022 it’s approved but no paydate, I registered my sassa gold card as means of receiving my R350, I only get R510 which is my daughter’s child support grant. I have no bank account

  60. Status pending, so because of the previously in month of November 2023 I did receive my family money through this account, as a result I didn’t get my grant in December and even now is pending for January, even if i have apeal on status check

    1. Hi Daniel,

      Please mention in your appeal that it was your family money and include any document proof that makes your request stronger. It will help to get your grant approve again.

        1. Hi may I please ask my December was declined and I think it because my sister put money in my account but January is also declined they say source of income but they was no money in on January
          So what should I do

          Thank you

          1. Hi Nonhle,

            You will need to file an appeal to SASSA with the proof that you don’t have any source of income and the money in your account was your sister’s money. After your appeal is approved, you will receive your payments.

    1. Hi Nhlanhla,

      Taking a loan is not good option when you already have an active R350 grant. Did you check your banking and contact details? Are they correct? If yes, then please contact SASSA at 0800 60 10 11 to know about your payment dates.

      1. Hi my appeal for sassa says approved but no pay dates I’ve only received 5 payments rest declined one month payment made following month and so it carries on I now have 6 approved appeals and no payments

        1. Hi Tarryn,

          If your appeals are approved but still you did not received the pay dates, then you need to contact SASSA at 0800 60 10 11 to know about the status of your payment dates.

          1. I got one appeal but I try since November because they find out that my daughter’s money was in my account for a day 🙏🙏 and they stop the 350 but even with my appeal for that and I’m doing it every day since that I still isn’t approved why is it taking so long

            1. Hi Antonett,

              The decision of appeal takes up to 90 days. If you did not received the response within the 90 days, then contact SASSA at 0800 60 10 11 to get the update on your appeal status.

      2. why everyone if your ID no ends in 086 still have pending and some people have recieved they money but we are still pending next thing it will be decline and your reasons are not true

  61. Hi I would like to know since my status keep saying pending referred from August 2022 now it January 2024 nothing changed how would I survived in that kind of situation

    Should my bank account be empty for all this year because if my family member use it to avoid close my account you are going to decline me what I must do now

    1. Hi Nontobeko,

      The pending should not take that long. If your status was not approved even after 90 days, you should have contacted SASSA. Please contact them now at 0800 60 10 11 to know the exact status about your application.

      1. Hi i would like to my srd has approved by September 2o22 and also 2023 and i started to get 350 at October last yr tha thing i wonna know how can i get this balance from few months of 2022 and 2023 thanks

      1. I was approved in November last year then got paid on the 25 of that month but come December I was declined just want to know what was the reason for that

        1. Hi Madanieya,

          The reason is always mentioned with declined status. Please check out your status and it will have the reason of declination.

          Thank you!

        2. Why don’t I get my R350 why is it pending I don’t work please I need the money for food please look in it and thank you

        3. I have approved from last November but no pat date up untill now evene i have changed my banking details whts wrong on R350

          1. Hi Zanani,

            If your bank details are correct but you are still not receiving the pay dates, then please contact SASSA.

      2. Sassa keep on declining since September 2023 though I have no finds in my account accept for a R150 that I leave in my account for charges purposes

        1. Hi from 2021 been approved only 7 months with dates,only claim it January 2024 only got R1050 all other months approved including January 2024 but no dates so I updated my banking details last week but still no pay dates… what could be the issue?

          1. Hi Ayanda,

            Wait for one more week. If after that week you still did not receive the payment dates, then contact SASSA at their helpline.

        1. Hi Samantha,

          Did you provided your banking details? No paydate is mostly caused by not providing the banking details or incorrect details.

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