Understanding the SASSA Means Test

To apply for a social grant from the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA), you must first understand the SASSA means test requirements. You are required to pass the means test criteria to be eligible for the grant.

SASSA Means Test

The Means Test calculates the applicant’s financial status, including their income, assets, and other financial factors, to ensure that only deserving individuals receive the grant. If the income or assets of the applicant are higher than the SASSA means test threshold, then they will not be eligible to qualify for the grant.

Each grant type has different criteria for its means test to evaluate the financial eligibility. For example, older persons grants, disability grants, and war veteran’s grants are all paid on a sliding scale, meaning that the more private income you have, the smaller the grant amount you will receive.

The assets and income of a married person are calculated collectively with their spouse. It doesn’t matter if they are married within the community or out of community property. For unmarried people, assets and income are solely dependent on them.

In this context, I discussed each grant type’s income and asset threshold. This article will also tell you how much SASSA pays you. Keep reading the content carefully to understand the means test criteria before applying for the SASSA social grant.

Below, we’ll discuss the maximum income and asset thresholds that are valid from April 1, 2023. It’s important to note that these values may change whether on April 1 or October 1 every year. 

Income Threshold for All SASSA Grants

As we already discussed, the SASSA income threshold differs based on the type of SASSA grant. Following are the maximum income thresholds for each type of grant:

Old Age, Disability, Grant-in-Aid, and War Veterans Grant:

  • A single person should not be earning an amount greater than R8 070 per month (R96 840 per year).
  • A married couple should not have a collective income of more than R193 680 per year (R16 140 per month).

Child Support Grant

  • The income of a single person (primary caregiver of the child) should not be more than R5 000 per month (R60 000 per year).
  • The married applicant (the child’s primary caregiver) and their spouse should not have a combined income of more than R120 000 per year (R10 000 per month).

Care Dependency Grant

  • The income of a single person (parent or primary caregiver of the child) should not be more than R20 800 per month (R249 600 per year).
  • The married applicant (parent or primary caregiver of the child) and their spouse should not have a combined income of more than R499 200 per year (R41 600 per month).

Foster Child Grant

  • Means test is not required for a Foster Child Grant.

SRD (Social Relief of Distress) Grant

  • Your income must not be greater than R624 per month.

Asset Threshold for All SASSA Grants

Here are the maximum asset thresholds for each type of grant:

Old Age, Disability, Grant-in-Aid, and War Veterans Grant:

  • A single person should not own assets valued at more than R1 372 800.
  • Combined assets of a married person with their spouse should not be worth more than R2 745 600.

The Child Support, Care Dependency, Foster Child Grant, and SRD Grant are all need-based grants and do not require the means test for assets.

What is considered an income in SASSA Means Test?

The following are considered as an income according to SASSA:

  • Getting money from a private pension grant
  • Getting money from any business or farming work
  • Getting financial help from friends or relatives
  • Earning money by renting out a portion of your house
  • Maintenance payments for your child from an ex-spouse
  • Getting money from your job
  • Renting out a property you own
  • Compensation from other sources like UIF (Unemployment Insurance Fund), RAF (Road Accident Fund), or COIDA (Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Fund).

What are considered assets?

SASSA means test considers the following as assets:

  • Money in your bank account. If married, money is in your or your spouse’s bank account.
  • The value of the property or any land that you and/or your spouse possess, except the land or house in which you live. (Properties or land with an outstanding bond are considered to have no value).
  • The value of all investments owned by you or your spouse, such as shares or any other type of investments, will be counted.
  • If you have not yet retired from a retirement fund, your annuity will not be considered an asset for the means test.
  • If you are retired from a retirement fund, your annuity will be included as an asset for the means test.
  • Outstanding debt, such as bonds and loans.

What costs are deducted when calculating your revenue?

When calculating your salary for the SASSA means test, you’re permitted to subtract the following expenses:

  • UIF payments
  • Medical aid expenses
  • Income tax that you’re paying
  • Contributions to a retirement plan, such as your retirement annuity or a pension fund.

How much does a SASSA grant pay?

Here, we’ll explain how much a SASSA grant pays. These figures are effective as of October 1, 2023. It may change whether on April 1 or October 1 every year.

  • Older Persons Grant (under 75 years): Receives R2 090 per month 
  • Older Persons Grant (equal to or older than 75 years): Receives R2 110 per month 
  • Disability Grant: Receives R2 090 per month
  • War Veterans Grant: Receives R2 110 per month
  • Foster Child Grant: Receives R1 130 per month
  • Care Dependency Grant: Receives R2 090 per month
  • Child Support Grant: Receives R510 per month (750 with top-up amount)
  • Grant Aid: Receives R510 per month
  • SRD Grant: Receives R350 per month

These grant payments are scheduled monthly and only paid to the eligible applicants.


In conclusion, the SASSA means test aim is to identify needy people who are facing financial difficulties and need immediate support from others. Means test assesses your assets and income to validate your financial eligibility. Each type of social grant has different criteria for its means test that is essential to pass to qualify for a SASSA grant. For any queries in applying for the SASSA grant and its eligibility criteria, you can directly contact to SASSA.


SASSA means test aim is to identify needy people who are facing financial difficulties and need immediate support from others. 

The main factors for the SASSA means test are the assets and income to identify the eligibility criteria of its applicants. You may qualify for a grant if your income and/or assets are below a certain threshold. Threshold criteria vary depending on the type of grant you are applying for.

SASSA means test is essential to get the SRD R350 grant because it ensures that the grant is only given to the people who are in most need.

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  1. I have been trying to register for the SASSA Older Person’s Grant online several times over the past few weeks, but cannot submit the completed form. When I click the ‘Submit’ button, a message appears briefly (less than 1 second) and nothing else happens. I am unable to go to a branch to apply.

  2. What is the monthly GEPF maximum in order for my father 83 years of age to qualify for a SASSA. Grant?

  3. I was using Sassa gold card now I changed it to my personal bank account on the 8th of March 2024 my worry is the amount of R900 that was made in my account first week of March 2024 it won’t affect my children social grant

    1. Hi Karabo,

      No, it should not affect it. However, if there are any issues, you can always appeal the decision.

  4. I live with a friend and used to share expenses. Now I am unemployed with a small monthly pension payment that is well below the threshold. I am 73 years old and struggling to meet my share of expenses. Am I still eligible for a SASSA grant ?

  5. Hi im a singel mother thats working i just wane know if i wil make it to get sassa for my baby my basic salary is R1504 and the net salary is R1300

    1. Helo My brother sassa grant is approved December 2023 approved
      January 2024 approved
      February 2024 approved
      But now paydates
      March pending
      Please help me

  6. I am approved for October, November and December 2023 with no payment date to date. I was approved for January 2024 and have since received payment. When will I receive payment for the past 3 months?

    1. Hi Laurene,

      You will need to contact SASSA call center at 0800 60 10 11 to know about your previous payments.

  7. I have someone working for me and her monthly salary is below the threshold amount. She does not have any additional income or assets, but when she applied for her old age pension, they only approved around R1300. Can you please advise?

  8. Does SASSA consider ATM cash deposits as income. I have Glen saving gor quite some time and decided to deposit my cash into the ATM. It’s quite a large cash deposit.

    1. My husband’s GEPF IS R9139 extra income R1500 I have no income get R510 child grant from sassa from my understanding our combined income is still below threshold but they decreased my disability from R2080 to R1,500 sassa officer said I don’t qualify for the whole disability grant amount no further explanation yet we dont own any properties and are below income threshold please help.

  9. Also didn’t specify that the Old Mutual Policy was canceled so I received a once-off lump sum. To my understanding this is an asset and not income but what will SASSA see this as?

    1. My husband’s GEPF IS R9139 ekskra income of R1500 I have no income and get R510 child grant from sassa then why is my disability amount decreased to R1500.The sassa officer said I don’t qualify for the whole amount when we are below the income threshold.Help.

  10. Thanks. I have also been doing bank transfers between my two different bank accounts of the same bank. Will SASSA flag these transfers as income?

  11. Hi. I recently went above the monthly income threshold (received a once-off lump sum payment from an Old Mutual policy and deposited cash at the ATM). Will this affect my social grant or does SASSA take the entire year into consideration. I am not working. I have a permanent disability grant.

    1. Hi Thomas,

      If it was one time and you haven’t any income source, then it shouldn’t affect your permanent disability grant. There is a chance you face difficulty in this month but it won’t affect your other months. The chance to affect this month is also low.

      But still if you got in any trouble, then you need to file an appeal quickly to explain the matter to SASSA. It’s just for safe side, you will not need to file an appeal if everything went smoothly.

      Just wait for the upcoming month, and you will know if everything is fine.

      1. I received my full SASSA money for February 2024 but I’m still not sure about the internal transfers I’ve done between my bank accounts – if SASSA will see those transactions as income. I’m worried I’ll be under review. Those transfers add up to much more than the monthly income threshold. Am I safe? Does SASSA check my bank statements to check for internal transfers I’ve made between my own bank accounts?

        1. Hi Thomas,

          If its all your internal transfers, then there should be no issue. Still, if you face any problem, you can use the appeal process to let the SASSA know that it was your internal transactions. But please keep in mind that if you continuously having the amount more than the means test criteria, then SASSA can disqualify you for the means test criteria.

  12. Am a mother of 5 earning 6000 but now they’ve just stopped my kids sassa grand. Can I get it back since I earn 6000 but with more responsibility

  13. My partner and I are not married, I earn R7000 he does not earn any income, we have no assets or any other form of income will we both qualify for the Old Age Pension. We have been together for 20 years.

    1. Hi Chere,

      If you both are not married, then the criteria will be calculated separately for each of you.

  14. Hi there. I just wanted to ask about my parents (married). My dad gets a government GEPF pension over the limit of R193 680. My mom gets no pension or any other income. Based on this, I’m confirming that my mom can’t apply for an old-age grant because of my dad’s pension, even through she has zero income? Thank you.

    1. If one of the married couple earning enough and more than eligibility criteria, then their grant will not approved.

  15. please take note that nobody wants to assist me regarding my approved ssassa grant application i have been trying for a month now .
    i keep on getting the error message already requested in the past 24 hours not one agent can assist .
    My grant got approved for 4 with no payment as to no help from no agent .

    please assist .

    1. Hi Zaheerah,

      If your problem is not solving then you have to visit your local SASSA office. SASSA officials will guide you to solve your grant payment problem.

  16. I transferred my social grant from post office to my capitec account ,my 350 usually gets on same post office…

    1. Yes, it will receive through that previous payment method until SASSA verify your bank account. You will receive the notification once it is approved by SASSA.

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