All SASSA Forms & eForms in PDF Format – Download All Documents Easily

SASSA forms are required to submit a grant application. In this article we will provide a complete list of forms, eForms and documents needed for SASSA applications along with their download link. You can simply download, print, fill it out, and submit it to SASSA for your relevant grant application.

All SASSA Forms & eForms in PDF Format - Download All Documents Easily

These forms include affidavits, bank forms, consent forms, and other required documents. While the forms are available at SASSA offices, downloading and printing them yourself can save you valuable time spent waiting in line at SASSA offices.

SASSA Grant Affidavit Forms

There are different affidavit documents required for each type of grant. Please download it according to your grant.

SASSA Affidavit Form for Child Support Grant

If you are applying for a child support grant, then you need to download and fill out this form. SASSA collects this form to identify your personal details, marital status, sources of income, your relation with your child, and child details.

Affidavit for Care Dependency Grant

To apply for a care dependency grant, you must download and complete this affidavit form. SASSA collects this form to verify your personal information, marital status, income sources, relationship to the child, and child details.

Affidavit for Foster Child Grant

To apply for a Foster Child Grant, you need to download and complete this affidavit form. SASSA collects this form to verify your personal information, marital status, income sources, relationship to the child, and child details. The court order will be also required along with affidavit to proof that you are the legal foster parent of your child.

Affidavit for Old Age Grant

To apply for an old age grant, you need to complete this form to verify your personal information, marital status, income sources, and proof of residence.

SASSA Affidavit Form for Disability Grant Application

The following form must be filled out and submitted along with your medical reports to apply for an SASSA disability grant. SASSA will use it for verification of your personal information, income sources, and marital status. SASSA will also need to verify your disability along with submitting this form.

Affidavit for Grant in Aid

If you are applying for the grant-in-aid, then you will need to download, fill out, and submit the following form. Before applying for the SASSA grant-in-aid, you must be a recipient of an older person or disability grant. SASSA will use this form to verify all your details.

Other SASSA Forms

Apart from SASSA affidavit forms, there are also some other forms you may need to submit your application. These forms are listed below.

Consent Form for Bank Payment

You need to complete and submit this form if you want to receive your SASSA grant payments directly in your bank account.

SASSA Reapplication Form

If you were previously ineligible or missed the deadline to apply for the SRD grant and now want to reapply, please use the following Reapplication form.

SASSA Reconsideration Form

If your SASSA grant application has been rejected and you are seeking to request a reconsideration of your grant decision, you will need to use the following Reconsideration form:

Form for Proof of School Attendance

If you are applying for a child support grant, you are encouraged to submit this form for the school-going child aged between 7 and 18. Although this is not mandatory for child support grants, it’s a good impression, and the government encourages it.

SASSA Appeal Forms

SASSA appeal forms are required if you want to challenge your rejected grant application decision by appealing to the Independent Tribunal for Social Assistance Appeals (ITSAA).

Lodging Of An Appeal Form – Form 1 (Latest Version: 01 June 2022-2024)

To appeal a rejected SASSA grant, you need to download, fill out, and submit this form. Attach the necessary documents to the form before submitting it to SASSA.

SASSA Appeal Form 3 (Version 2017)

This is also the appeal form, but it was valid for appeals made before 1 June 2022. To appeal after 1 June 2022, you need to use the above “Lodging Of An Appeal Form – Form 1”. If you need this old valid appeal form, you can view and download it from below.

Application for Condonation for Late Appeal Form (August 2019)

If you missed the appeal deadline and were unable to submit your appeal on time due to exceptional circumstances, SASSA provides an extension for filing appeals. You can download and submit the late appeal form by filling in your information.

SASSA Medical Assessment Referral Form

The Medical assessment referral form needs to be submitted if you are applying for a disability grant, child support grant, grant-in-aid, or any other grant in which you also need to represent your medical condition. Download the form below.

SASSA eForms

The SASSA application form online can be accessed here:

All other SASSA eForms are accessible through the SASSA official web portal. To access these forms, you will need to register on the portal. Once registered, you can access all available eForms through the portal.


SASSA is committed to making the grant process easier and more accessible for every single citizen of South Africa. They have made applying for grants easier by providing downloadable forms and e-forms for online applications. These efforts are taken to save grant recipients from long wait times at SASSA offices. You can choose the relevant form according to your grant application, whether it is for child support, care dependency, old age, disability, or Grant-in-Aid. You can also submit online e-form applications even more easily through the SASSA web portal.


SASSA forms are required to submit grant applications. These forms include affidavits, bank forms, consent forms, and other documents needed to process your application.

Yes, you can download SASSA forms from this page or by visiting the SASSA official website.

Yes, you can submit your SASSA forms online by creating an account on the SASSA web portal.

You can get SASSA application forms from this page or the SASSA official website. You can also get them from the SASSA office by visiting their office.

Yes, different types of grants require different affidavit forms. Please download and use the form that corresponds to the grant you are applying for. If you are unsure which form to use, please visit your nearest SASSA office or call their toll-free call center number at 0800 60 10 11 for assistance.

Yes, there is a Consent Form for Bank Payment. To receive your SASSA grants directly in your bank account, you need to complete and submit this form. You can download the form from this page, the SASSA website, or you can pick it up at your nearest SASSA office.

Yes, the SASSA Medical Assessment Referral Form is required for grant applications where you need to provide evidence of your medical condition, such as disability grants or child support grants.

The SASSA online application eForms can be accessed via the link All the other SASSA e-forms are only accessible through the SASSA web portal. You will need to register at the SASSA web portal to access all other eForms.

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  1. Hi I am trying to do online application for Old Age Grant. But the pin/opt does not come thru on my cell phone I am providing.

  2. Hi my name is mpho I applied for child support grand since january.they refuse to help and directed me to apply online..yes I deed but I didn’t get the money,I went back to sassa office they say maby it’s network.i wait and still didn’t get a reply.they said I should bring along the pages I used to apply ,I did the help to re apply but it’s been 5 months now not getting my child grand

    1. Hi John,

      Can you please explain more details? What problem you are facing in your application and why its failed?

  3. Hi

    May I please have a link to apply for Child Support Grant, I’m already getting the grant for one child now I want to add another one.

    Thank you in advance

      1. Good day Jayshawn
        I trust you’re well.

        To make a medical assessment booking for disability grants, does the online link still work or should the clients go to the nearest SASSA Office? We would like to assist our vulnerable folks in the best way possible.

        Kindly advise

        Thank you

        Your assistance in this regard will be highly appreciated

        Warm regards
        Esther Julius

  4. I hope you can help me. I have been receiving an old age grant for many years. It has always been paid into my bank account. As I am applying to move into an assisted living complex, I need proof of my grant. Payment into a bank account is not valid proof. How can I get proof from SASSA? Please help.

    1. Hi Jeremy,

      Please call the SASSA helpline at 0800 601 011. They will guide you on the documentation you need to provide and what proof they can offer.

  5. Good day I’ve applied online for CSG for my three kids where I submitted my documents it says the two kids is too old but they only 3 and 6 what should I.

    1. Hi Chantal,

      Please make sure you entered their correct ages. If its not due to typing mistake, then please call SASSA helpline to fix this issue.

  6. Gudday I must reapply for disability but I dont know how to do it online can you please help thanks in.advance

    1. Hi Saydi,

      Which website you are talking about and what form do you need? Please let me know so I can help you to get the form for you.

      Thank you!

  7. Is there a specific format for the medical report when applying for Grant-in-Aid? If so how so I get hold of the format. Or an individual just presents themselves to SASSA to assisted through the process of application.

  8. Hey, is sassa affidavit form different from sassa affidavit form for CSG?
    If yes, please help with the link to download the sassa affidavit form because I do have affidavit for CSG

  9. My mother-in-law was a Sassa Old Age Grant recipient and she has recently passed away. Will you please direct me how to get the correct forms to do the following,
    1. Officially inform SASA of her passing.
    2. Apply for the funeral benefit.

  10. Hi please help with Sassa SRD confirmation letter for NSFAS. I need a letter stating I am a Sassa beneficiary and I don’t know where to get that.

  11. Hi iam trying to apply for sassa R350 for my son but it say the application is already active… I tried calling the sassa office and I emailed them but got no response plz help

  12. Hi jst want to query the grant in aid form is it only 1 form and if the person gets pension that i am looking after does the grant go in her sassa card oe mst i gve my banking details bcse im looking after her

    1. Hi Mellissa,

      The grant-in-aid is paid as only top up grant for old age, disability and war veterans grant. It is paid to the same bank account in which you are receiving your actual grant.

  13. I am trying to reapply for a reapplication. I need help on that cause I have been filling up the forms. But then it declines telling me that there’s no application waiting.

  14. I do not have any whereabouts of my husband as we have been separated for more than 2 years. I do not have a copy of his ID nor our old marriage certificate and for this reason no bank statements for him either. What do I upload where they are requesting this information?

  15. i have tried to register my son for the R350 grant but it says that the grant application already exists??? what now

    1. Hi Debbie,

      It seems someone else has applied for the SRD grant using your son’s details. Please contact SASSA immediately and let them know about the situation. They will help you to get your grant back.

    2. Hi Debbie the same thing is happening with my son I try to apply for him and it say it’s already active…. Please let me know what u did to sort it out.

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