How To Check Your SASSA 350 Status Via Moya App

In 2024, South Africans can check the SASSA SRD R350 grant payment status with the Moya App. In fact, you can download and install this application for free via the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Compared to other SASSA grant applications, the Moya app offers convenient options to check your grant status without visiting a SASSA office.

Moya App SASSA 350 Status Check

So don’t delay if you’re unfamiliar with this SASSA application status check app and don’t know how to check your SASSA payments dates while using the Moya app SASSA status. Let’s look over the complete guide.

Step-By-Step Process to Check Your SASSA R350 Status Via Moya App:

Please follow the below simple steps to check your SASSA status via App:

Step By Step Process To Check SASSA 350 Status Via Moya App

Step 1: Download the MoyaApp Datafree

The first step is to download the MoyaApp Datafree application on your cell phone. Moya app SASSA 350 is available for all mobile platforms:

  • If you are using Android, download it from the Play Store.
  • If you are an iPhone user, download the app from the official App Store.
  • Huawei mobile users can download it from the App Gallery.

Step 2: Launch the App And Register Yourself

After downloading the application, install it and launch the application on your mobile. If you are an existing user of the Moya, then log in to access its dashboard.

While if you are downloading it for the first time then you need to register yourself. For the registration, provide your cell phone number, and an OTP code will be sent to your phone. Enter the OTP on the app screen, then set your name in the app.

Step 3: Go to the SASSA Relief Status Section

After you log in or register, click on the “Discovery” tab located at the bottom. Now you will have the complete list of umoya app services. Select the “Services & Money” section from here. Now, you will see the specific list of financing and government services list. Click on “SASSA Relief” and then “Status”. You will be redirected to the SASSA SRD status check page.

Moya App Services & Money Section For Status Check

Step 4: Provide Your ID Number & Cellphone Number

Now, provide your phone number and 18-digit ID card number. Please recheck your details and make sure you provided the correct information.

Step 5: Click “Submit” to Check Your SASSA Status

Now click the “submit” button, and your Moya app SASSA status will be displayed promptly on the screen, along with the payment dates. You will be able to see if your status has been approved, declined or having any other issues.

That’s all! You have successfully learned how you can check your SRD status via the Moya app with just a few steps. You can also check the status of the other grants including child grants, old age grants, and all the other SASSA grants.

Moya App SASSA Change Banking Details

Many people ask about the way to change their banking details from the Moya App, but there is no feature available in the app to change your banking details. It provides the link to the SASSA official site. You will need to visit and provide your ID number to change your banking details.

Note:  You can’t check your SASSA balance from the Moya app, you will need to rely on official sources such as SASSA card, USSD code, and bank account to check your SASSA balance.

SASSA Appeal Via Moya App

To appeal your SRD grant, you will need to visit the website of the Department of Social Development via the link The Moya app does not have built-in features to appeal for your SASSA grants.

Moya App SASSA 350 Reapplication

The application provides the link to the official SASSA website to reapply for your 350 grant. You can submit your SASSA reapplication via the link:

Benefits of Using Moya App SASSA Status Check

If you are wondering why I need to use MoyaApp over the other status check methods, then you need to look over the following benefits provided by umoya app:

  • Datafree Access: It is a datafree app and only requires internet access to download the app. Once downloaded, you don’t need an internet connection to use the application.
  • Convenience: It allows you to check your status anytime, anywhere, without the need to visit the SASSA office.
  • Realtime Updates: It provides real-time updates on the status of your application so you can stay informed and up to date about your grant status.
  • Security: The application is designed to be more secure and protected by two-factor authentication to ensure that only authorized persons can access their SASSA information.
  • Easy to Use: It is designed to be user-friendly and optimized for mobile devices. You can easily navigate around the app to check your status with a few clicks.
  • Access to Various SASSA Services: One of the main features of the Moya is you can access multiple SASSA services in one place. Whether you need to update your contact details, change banking details, lodge an appeal, or reapply for your grant, you can access these services easily. (Please note: You can’t use these services directly in the application but it provides a direct link to the SASSA website for easy access and saves time from searching on the internet.)
  • Multiple Languages: You can choose your preferred language to use the app.

So you need to download the application on your phone once simply and you will be able to access your SASSA grant status with a few simple steps whenever you need.


In my opinion, the Moya app is the best option to check your SASSA status within a few seconds at any time. You don’t need to visit the SASSA office and wait in longer queues any longer for the updates; you can get all the updates just from your smartphone. Download the app today, and you can stay connected with your grant status all day.


Yes, the Moya App SASSA 350 is available for Android users on the Play Store, iPhone users on the App Store, and Huawei users on the App Gallery.

No, the Moya App does not have a feature to change banking details. To update your banking information, visit the official SASSA site at

No, the application does not have built-in features for appealing SASSA grants. To file an appeal, visit the Department of Social Development’s website at

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