How To Appeal For Declined SASSA SRD R350 Grant

The mission of SASSA’s Social Relief of Distress (SRD) Grant program in South Africa is to provide short-term financial support each month to South African citizens, Refugees, Asylum Seekers, and Special Permit Holders between the ages of 18 and 60 years who are jobless or whose per month income is less than R624, have insufficient resources, who do not receive any other social grants or UIF Payments and have no financial support through any other source.

SASSA Appeal for SRD R350 Grant 1

If you applied for the SRD R350 grant and your application was rejected, but you believe that you are eligible for the SRD grant and your application was mishandled or rejected unfairly, you have the right to appeal the decision of SASSA to the Ministry of Social Development at the National Department of Social Development.

Appeal Process Overview

The Appeal process is designed to allow the applicants to challenge the SASSA rejection decision of their initial SRD grant application, and it is handled by the Independent Tribunal for Social Assistance Appeals (ITSAA). You need to appeal the decision within 90 days and make sure that all the details you provided are accurate and complete.

SRD Grant Appeal Process Deadline

ITSAA takes around 60 to 90 days to make the decision based on your appeal. If they agrees with you, they will overturn the decision of SASSA, and you will start receiving the SRD grant payments. You will be notified if your appeal is declined.

Eligibility Criteria for SRD R350 Grant

Before lodging an appeal, first you need to understand the SASSA SRD grant eligibility criteria to analyze whether you are eligible for the R350 grant. It will help you understand why your application was rejected. The criteria are following:

  • Citizenship: To be eligible for the SRD grant, the candidate must be a South African citizen or permanent resident.
  • Residence: Applicant must be living in South Africa.
  • Age: Applicants’ age must reside between 18 and 60.
  • UIF Payments: Applicants who are getting UIF(Unemployment insurance funds) are not eligible for the SRD R350 grant.
  • Authentic Information: Applicants must have provided complete and authentic information like their own 13 digit ID card number, mobile number, and bank account details.
  • Lack of Support: Applicants must not be able to support themselves and their family members, and they have no other source of income, like any additional government support, social grants, or unemployment benefits.
  • Insufficient Funds: If the applicant is found to be earning more than R624 per month, the application will be declined due to surpassing the means test criteria.
  • DHA Record: If applicants are found deceased in the record of the DHA(Department of Home Affairs), this will also result in the cancellation of their request.

If you are fulfilling all the above eligibility criteria for the SASSA SRD grant and there is no discrimination, but your application was still rejected, then you can apply for appeal.

Important Steps Before Lodging an Appeal:

Before lodging an appeal, you must verify if your information is up to date in SASSA Portal:

  • Log in to the SASSA portal by providing your 13 digit South African ID card number
  • Check your information to verify if it is correct.
  • You need to update your information if you find any incorrect or outdated information.

It is important to verify your information before appealing, as any errors could lead to your appeal being denied.

How To Lodge An Appeal For SASSA SRD R350 Grant Online

SASSA provides convenient way to appeal by apply through their official website. You or the person applying on your behalf must confirm that they have read and accepted the clauses in the Declaration and Consent Documents before submitting. I am explaining step by step process to file the appeal below:

Step 1: Access SRD Appeal Website

Access the SASSA SRD Appeal website.

Step 2: Provide Your Credentials

Navigate to the appeals section and provide your 13 digit African ID card number and the mobile number you provided at the time of registration. Then click on the “send pin“.

Step 3: Verification Message

You will receive a verification SMS containing a PIN on your registered mobile number. Enter the pin on the website screen to log into the appeal section.

Step 4: Select Month

When you log in to the appeal section, you will be able to see the records of all the months. You need to select the month for which you want to make an appeal.

Note: You must file a separate appeal for each month in which your SRD grant was rejected. The Independent Tribunal will not consider appeals for multiple months in a single application.

Step 5: Reason and Proofs

After selecting the month, you will be asked to attach documents to prove your eligibility for the SRD grant and a valid, concise reason. You should attach all necessary documents including bank statements of the last six months, residential proof, identity documents, and other supporting documents to strengthen your case.

Step 6: Submit and Stay Connected

After successfully attaching all the necessary documents, simply click on the submit button. Your application will be submitted to the independent tribunal. Independent tribunal will take 60 to 90 days to inform you about the outcome of the decision.

Lodge Appeal for SRD Grant

What To Do If My Appeal is Declined?

If your appeal is also declined, then sadly there is not any other option to appeal again either to SASSA or ITSAA. The only option you are left with to take the matter to the High Court for a judicial review. You need to avail this option only if you have a strong belief that you fulfill all the eligibility criteria but your application is declined inappropriately.

SRD Appeal Declination Reasons:

There are various reasons which may leads to the rejection of your appeal. You will get one of the following message if your appeal is declined:

SASSA SRD Application Decline Reasons
  • identity_verification_failed: This means that the personal information in your application doesn’t match the record maintained by the Department of Home Affairs. In simpler terms, there’s a mismatch in your identity details.
  • existing_sassa_grant: This means that the applicant was already receiving a different social grant during the reconsideration period, which makes them ineligible for the SRD Grant.
  • nsfas_registered: This means the applicant was getting funds from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) during the reconsideration period, suggesting they have another source of financial support.
  • uif_registered: This indicates that the applicant received Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) payments during the reconsidered period, showing that they have another source of financial assistance.
  • gov_payrol_registered: This shows the applicant’s employment in a government institution during the reconsideration period, meaning they have a job and income.
  • age_outside_range(>60): This indicates that the applicant is over 60 years of age during the reconsidered period, making them ineligible due to age restrictions.
  • age_outside_range(<18): This means that the applicant is younger than 18 years of age during the reconsideration period, making them ineligible due to age restrictions.
  • Deceased Record on DHA: The DHA database shows that the applicant is registered as deceased during the reconsideration period.
  • alternative_income_source_identified: This means the applicant had a balance of R624 or more deposited into their bank account during the reconsideration period, indicating an alternative source of income that exceeds the grant’s eligibility threshold.

Contact Details for SRD Grant Appeal Queries

If you have any queries related to the appeal, you will have to contact Department of Social Development, Independent Tribunal for Social Assistance Appeals (ITSAA) by following means:


In conclusion, if your SASSA SRD R350 Grant application is unfairly rejected, you have the right to appeal. Make sure your information is accurate in the SASSA portal, then follow the online appeal process. If your appeal is declined, your last option is a judicial review in the High Court. Contact the Department of Social Development or ITSAA for appeal inquiries at the provided details. For inquiries related to SASSA grants, you can visit your nearest office.


The appeal is handled by ITSAA not SASSA. ITSAA may take 60 to 90 days to process an appeal. However, processing times may vary depending on the number of applications they receive.

Yes, ITSAA can deny an appeal if it does not fulfill the eligibility criteria.

You must lodge your appeal within 90 days of the date of the decision. Otherwise, your application for appeal will be rejected.

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  1. My July status has been declined it states OTHER SOURCE OF INCOME but that’s not the case. An insurance company debited R350 from my June SRD R370 & I never approved 2 be insured by them & had my bank reverse the debit order. Y don’t u people do proper research before declining people

  2. Since I registered last year December until today I never received payment,it keeps on declining reason source of income identified,I appeal my status but still no response.

    1. My appeal says cancelled another one says there is a source of income since last of last year n there is no source of income. I receive

  3. 350 always decline me so I don’t know why the reason they say that some source of income but there’s no income that I am getting so please can you help me

  4. Please pay my money I didn’t receive anything please 😭 please someone used my account please payback my money

    1. My march 2023 was declined and still now am still waiting and others fr 3 months approved without pay dates January,February and March 2024 please but pay dates

      1. Hi Patricia,

        Please read our guide “SASSA R350 Approved But No Payment Date” to understand the reason behind no pay date and how to solve it.

      2. I have applied for R350 grant on April last year and I have not received any payment. Each month it goes from pending to declined and am not working nor receiving uif.
        If I may ask what does it mean when it says sapo not registered?

      3. Hey Patricia I have many more problems why my srd not getting because of during for last year another month’s it drop out decline and even now 2024 March and April still decline please dear fix..!!?

    2. I want canceled my application last year when I was studying but after that, everything being able to reinstate my application back because I’m no longer getting any funds and it’s been six months now

      1. Every time i have to appeal for my grand before getting it why is it like that & am not getting any money from any where

    3. Im not working i need this me to buy food 4 mychild even this money help me insurance to pay

    4. Hi i have been waiting for pay dates since my application was approved for 3 months. I’ve updated all the required steps

  5. Why are we south africans been declined were by there are foreign people that are getting the 350 grant. We not working that is why we are applying for the srd 350.

  6. Hi mine also says deline and stated that source of income identified and

    I am receiving money for school payments for tertiary level for miner child .I received payment for only 1 month only from srd which is Jan only .it is not fair really .

    1. Hi, I have called the helpline and it was last month. I have been approved for December and January but now all it says is declined, source of income, and I don’t have any source of income at all

  7. Its been months my SRD decline I don’t understand why coz I’m not working even that null or sorce of income identified I don’t even have it even my appeal takes forever ……..

    1. My application says null in this month n I have no income as am not working n receiving not as an income

  8. My application status says null since last year. I only got one payment for 4 months and I applied in 2022.

    1. Mine declined for April reason null eat is that suppose to mean coz I have no income besides the child grant

    1. stated that source of income identified and

      I am receiving money frm my wife and since. i didn’t received payment for two months from November and January srd which is .it is not fair really .


      1. Same story . No money i received but mine says declined.. alternative income identified… im unemployed

      1. Hi my srd grant for March 2024 has been declined without reason, but all my credentials and banking everything is in order and nothing changed.

  9. since DEC last year,FEBR AND MARCH my Srd grant declined, I don’t know why. Please I need that money,am not working.AS other months approved but never received money

      1. Some of us really need that money and they are crazy for thinking even though we’re poor nobody can at least send you a R350 throughout the month? That’s how bad it is y’all don’t understand

        1. Hi Jan,

          Can you please let me know what problem you are facing with you grant? I will be glad to help.

          Thank you!

      2. Hi Jayshawn, my R350 waa decline bcz some one transferred money into my account. What do i do now

        1. Hi Abdullatief,

          You can appeal your grant and provide the proof to SASSA that the money transferred to your account does not belongs to you. Once you are able to prove that, your grant application will approve.

        1. Hello my name is Rivaldo
          My dates are apprved for old months but im not getting from this year i did try All The ways

    1. Since 2023 my r350 declined Antilles now I don’t know why.i don’t working and no income 😒 😑

        1. Hi Lesego,

          It should show the reason for declination. Please see what reason it shows and you need to appeal accordingly.

    1. I have applied for 350 since last year ,I haven’t received any thing since .I’m not working anymore

          1. Since I changed my phone number early last year still haven’t changed hence they told me to wait until sassa phone me I’m still waiting up until now…I still get payment dates on my old number…of which I don’t use the number anymore hence its gone when I lost my phone.
            What should I do

  10. My application has been declined unfairly since January and i have no source of income but it says i do i don’t know why because my bank statement proves everything

    1. Hi Tshiamo,

      You need to file an appeal and provide your bank statement of previous 6 to 12 months. If you also have any other supporting documents to prove that you don’t have any source of income, then submit them as well.

  11. I was payed well up until Feb, it says declined: reason source of income identified offwhich there is no such thing. I don’t get it

    1. Hi Kholiwe,

      Please file an appeal if you don’t have any source of income. If you have any documents or bank statement proving that you don’t have any source of income, then please also submit them.

  12. I was pay my 350 every month until November from december decline so what must I do because I don’t have a source of income

  13. Hello, its about two years not received my SRD grand and status says ‘source of income’ and problem is I’m not working can you please help

      1. Hi…..I have appealed even for previous months coz it declined due to source of income of which i have never received any income the appeal status is still pending why so?

  14. Ai bo,since October last year, my srd grant declined,I don’t know why. Please I need that money,am not working.

  15. I was pay my 350 every month until Feb now February month is decline so what must I do because I don’t have a source of income

      1. I’m not working and I don’t any source of income they sometimes say I have not even receive any money from my company

  16. Hello I was working last year but my contract ended at the end of the year I reinstated my 350 but I keeps declining ever since reason is null . Can you please help with advises please.

  17. Hello I’m a citezen of south Africa in december sassa 350 declined me without a reason and i did make appeal but still nothing december 2023

  18. Hi my srd application says decline becos of my ID number & this nothing wrong with my ID number. starting from May 2023 until January 2024 it keeps on saying decline… February 2024 it says pending how can I fix it? or what should I do to get srd 350. S A Citizens 😔

    1. Hi Siyamthanda,

      If you did not receive any money, then you will need to lodge the appeal and provide the proofs.

        1. Hi Sarah,

          If you don’t have any source of income then please provide the document proof to SASSA while lodging the appeal.

  19. Pls assist my application has been declined for more than a year now i have checked status called twice it has been more than 90 days what am I to do Lezana

  20. Hi the whole of last year I’ve been appealing without luck I’m struggling and I need the money and it says source of income identified and I earn R300 as a reliever so I don’t know what to do now

    1. Hi Dieketseng,

      You will need to provide the proves to SASSA that you are only earning R300 as a reliever. Please include the document proofs in your appeal application.

    1. My name is Tankiso Moeketsi and sassa R350 payment still decline and i don’t no why is doing that because i have no job more done 15 years

  21. Hi my payment decline s and they’re saying that the is a source of income i don’t know which income are they talking about so I’d like to be helped please

    1. Hi Kabelo,

      It means that SASSA has identified that you have an income source. If you don’t have, then please file Appeal.

      1. I’m not working no income but decline how come no no something wrong january approve february decline but its not fair

        1. Hi Xolani,

          If you don’t have any source of income then please attach the document proof in your appeal request. Once they verify, they will approve your grant.

        2. Hi my feb.and March month 350 was declined reason is income source which I don’t receive only made a loan on my childrens grant by sassa
          I don’t understand why I was declined since my children grant payment was never a problem.

  22. Hello i am a loyal south African I have been voting for anc ever since I no longer receive my 350 grant why I don’t knw cause I am not working pls I need that money it was helping.e at home I was able to by bread NAMI.

  23. Hi I’m lebogang my 350 say uif registered till now but i last had the uif money on November 2023 what should i do

  24. Hi my grant has declined due to the money I received from the funeral policy as I was a beneficial for my father how can I fix this

  25. Hey my r350 decline like the whole year of 2023 I’ve been appealing ever since they now declining my appeal too

    1. Hi Shaun,

      It means that they did not provided any reason. Please contact at SASSA toll-free helpline to know the exact reason for your declination.

  26. Hi am thandeka my sasa 350 has Been declined I would like to appeal .I really need the money also am not working. Thanks

  27. But I applied at Boland college for my studies and also for NSFAS register , so is there any direct number I can dail so I can cancel my NSFAS at Boland college because I live in Malmesbury and don’t have any transport to Paarl . I didn’t past my matric so I didn’t receive any money from NSFAS yet .

  28. My grand has been denied due to other income. I have not been working since 2009. Ihave been handeling my moms finaces but she passed away in sept 2023. In order to survive i have been selling and buying to provide for my fàmly. I do not have permanent income

  29. Hi my srd it has approved but when i check it says null for past.9 month so which steps must i follow.

    1. Hi Netshivhangani,

      You need to contact SASSA at their helpline or visit your nearest SASSA office to get the updates on your SRD grant payments.

  30. Hi my 350 it showing the approval n dates since 2021 n 2022 but I didn’t receive it… For January n February is pending why?

  31. My sassa grand has been declined because of NSFAS registered , but I never recieved any money from NSFAS yet . And at this moment I’m unemployed and I really need that money .
    Thank you

  32. I am jolandi rademeyer
    I got my R350 December then January and February I am declined with null reason.
    I have no income and I really need this to buy some food .
    My I know why must I put appeal in every second month.
    I still didn’t have work and I am struggling.please.

    1. Hi Jolandi,

      Only SASSA can tell you the exact reason that why your application is declined. Please contact SASSA helpline at 0800 60 10 11.

    1. My 350 has been approved with pay dates it’s just thesis no I used was a contract sim and it was in areas than MTN closed how do I change to my new no

    1. Hi Sinovuyo,

      Follow the appeal process defined in this article. The process is same for every month, you just need to select the correct month.

      1. Hi Thobile,

        If its not showing any reason, then please contact SASSA helpline at 0800 60 10 11 to know the reason of your grant rejection.

    1. Hi Francina,

      If it is showing null, then you need to contact SASSA helpline at 0800 60 10 11 to know the exact reason.

  33. I Applied in 2021 everything was fine i was getting the money only this month i’m having a problem thank you

  34. It keeps on declined me
    But some months it shows approved but I get or even know about it.. so how to deal with it?

  35. Hi Sir i’m also facing the same problem its says null thats all and it’s shows pending at the same time what is a meaning of that thank you

    1. Hi Mathews,

      Can you please let me know that when you applied for the SASSA grant? Is it less than 90 days or more?

    2. My application is Always says application fail when I put my phone number I don’t know the old one

  36. Hi since February of 2023 my application was decline. And every month after that. I only received March 2023 nd October 2023. All the other months nothing. I dd lodge a appeal for every month I ddnt received. I regularly check my appeal status and only February of 2023 was decline. All the other months still pending. The website says it takes up to 90 days but mine is then still pending almst 9months just for the month of May. Why ? I don’t understand why it takes so long

    1. Hi Kaylee,

      Sorry to hear about your case. Please visit the SASSA office in-person and explained them your situation. They will probably explain why its taking so long and how you can get these pending month payments.

  37. Declined reason…. Null….
    Null is not stipulated on ur “definition of decline” field.
    What sick joke are you guys at sassa playinlg with people’s lives

    A lot of people depend on this 350, including myself.
    So now we need to wait another 3 months for a dead end reply .
    Not one person got their money through an appeal.
    Something really needs to be done about this.

    1 month you get it, the next month you declined… Why?

    1. Hi Charl,

      We are not affiliated with SASSA in any way. Our aim is to help our citizens by providing accurate and up to date information regarding SASSA grants. I know it feels so bad when you are rejected without any reason, but you can always contact SASSA at 0800 60 10 11 to know about the exact reason of your grant rejection.

      I hope they will help you out as SASSA always aims to help most needed person in need.

      Thank you!

  38. I have 12 months decline on my appeal and I am suffering crc bcz I am not working these R350 was helping to take my kids at school nw we are struggling really and am stressed please help me my 0634925717 I really try everything

    1. Hi Avumile,

      Sad to hear about R350 declination as it was supporting your kids schools. But do you know, if you need any financial help, you can also apply for SASSA child support grant. Yes, please read the eligibility criteria and application procedure for child support grant here:

      Please let me know if you have any confusion or face any difficulty in applying for your child support grant. I will be more happy to help you.

      Well wishes for you!

    1. Hi Noxolo,

      You have to contact SASSA on their toll-free number to get the exact status of your grant. Please contact them at 0800 60 10 11.

  39. Mine is been declined from October last year till now the reason is source of income and don’t have any can you please help me out

    1. Hi Keamgetswe,

      It must be showing any reason. Can you please recheck and let me know that what reason it shows?

  40. Hi there I have been waiting for nothing since last year this has been happening to my 350. Declan on December and other month of 2023 . This year January 350 was pending but now it shows Declan please help me

  41. By reason it just say null..I don’t work no money goes into my account accept my 350 every month since last year what must I do now

    1. Hi Caroline,

      Is it now showing any reason? It should show the reason. Can you please check again and see if it’s showing the reason.

      Thank you!

      1. By reason it just say null..I don’t work no money goes into my account accept my 350 every month since last year what must I do now

  42. good day officers my 350 for january 2024 is dicline i do not know why

    please help

    malwande yusof mbutsha

    1. Hi Malwande,

      Can you please let me know what reason it’s showing for declination? It should show the reason along with rejection.

  43. Hi I’m oniccah pls approve me sassa bcos I’m declined reason for source of income & I’m not working I didn’t get mi December 350 & 2022 12months nt approved pls I need this money seriously to buy food

    1. Hi Oniccah,

      Can you please let me know what the reason it shows along with declination? If you can share the reason, it will help in understanding the reason of rejection and how to solve it.

      Thank you!

  44. Hey my name is Khanyisa xekethwane I did reserved December grant it’s declined but there is no eny income I reserve to my account please help

    1. Hi Khanyisa,

      If your grant is declined and your income source identified incorrectly, then please lodge an appeal by following the step by step guide in this article.

  45. My 350 for January -2024 declined and no reason it’s not for the first time I fail to understand cause I’m not working since 2010-june. I got my uif for the last time in the year 2011 I don’t know what to understand about this situation. is our government failing us or people working up there are failing us so we can tan our back for our government I don’t know what to think.

    1. Hi Rolani,

      Sad to hear this. There must be a reason mentioned with your declination. Can you please recheck and let me know if that shows the reason?

  46. Mine has many declines and the reason is source of income identified so and the money that i received is from sassa and it got in once i think 3 payments and i didn’t recognized it and the next month and the other upcoming 2 months was declining due to that balance i had so how can you help sir

    1. Hi Kamogelo,

      If you already have 3 payments amount then your grant will not be approve for this month. Please withdraw that all amounts and you will be able to receive the grant money from the upcoming month again. Still, you can also try appealing for this month and see if SASSA accepts your reason and approve this month payment as well.

    1. Hi Nicki,

      Do it showing the reason that why your grant is declined?

      As SASSA always shows the reason for declined grant. Please look for the reason and you will be able to know why your grant is declined.

      Thank you!

    1. Please check your eligibility criteria. There must be a problem in your eligibility. If you are eligible but not getting grant, then visit your nearest SASSA office to get the help from SASSA officials.

  47. My SRD is still pending for the these following months May 2023, June 2023, July 2023, September 2023, October 2023. First they declined then I made an appeal. I don’t know why they keeping my SRD pending because I have Nothing on the table my account is empty.

  48. Hi ,my SRD has been declined from June till now, my appeals where declined last and I’m still waiting for a response for Octobers appeal ,what should I do so I can get it this month?

    1. Please, first check your current SASSA status, if it’s pending then contact SASSA to get update on your grant. If your status is declined then you need to lodge an appeal by following the guidelines in this article.

  49. Hi admin srd grant keep declining since june this year bcz of some one who stole my ID then try to scam every thing abt me

    1. Hi Ongama,

      you should take a quick action against this. Please inform the SASSA immediately and explain your case to them. They will surely help you out and solve your grant issue.

    2. I sibongile khoza I don’t get my 350 grant for September October so I like to ask why because no money entered in my bank account more than 300 or 400 this months please check for me my 350

  50. Iam not working but my 350 of October has first time aprove for one day then tomorrow it says reject why?

    1. Hi Sarah,

      Please visit your nearest SASSA office and let them know about your case. They will surely help you out and solve your grant issue.

    2. Agreed …I’m not working since 2019 but they pay me for 2 months then again declined…my question is who gets where do they get this information from… heartbreaking 💔

      1. Hi Roslyn,

        Can you please visit your local SASSA office? They may able to explain the reason clearly and if there is any misunderstanding from their side, they can clear it and can approve your grant.

    1. Hi Sinethemba,

      It seems SASSA have identified your other income sources. If you don’t have any other income sources, then you can apply for reapplication. If it also declined, then you have to lodge an appeal with the proof and supported documents which shows that you don’t have any other source of income.

        1. Please file an appeal for your R350 grant with the valid proof that you have not any income source. SASSA will verify your income sources and approve your grant.

    1. Hi Naledi,

      Please visit your nearest SASSA office and let them know that you have not received your payments from last 9 months. The SASSA representative will help you solve your problem, and if everything is fine with your application then you will also receive previous due payments.

        1. Hi Trecia,

          If your 350 grant is declined, you need to file an appeal to SASSA to reconsider your application by following the details in this article. But please make sure that you are fulfilling the eligibility and means test criteria. Visit the SRD R350 Grant to learn about the complete eligibility requirements.


      1. Please lodge an appeal for your SRD grant by following instructions in this article. It will be approved if you fulfill the eligibility criteria.

      2. Please lodge an appeal for your R350 grant by following the process described in this article. Your grant will be approved if you are fulfilling the eligibility criteria.

          1. Hi Oniccah,

            If you haven’t any income source then you can submit an appeal for your 350 grant by following the guide in this article.

    1. Please visit your nearest SASSA office and explain the problem to SASSA officials. They will help you to solve your payment issue.

        1. Hi Mapula,

          Sure, you can lodge an appeal for your R350 grant if you are not receiving it for three consecutive months.

          1. My sister send a money for her baby so that is why please 🙏🙏 I’m bagging, you it’s just that I’m not working n I neeD it please 🙏

          1. It says source of income identified and i have no money going in my account.worse thing is that june 2022 apeal is pending while july 2022 is declined is complicated and recieving nothing

          2. January 2024 I didn’t get my R350. Status-source of income identified, how come? Because I have no money going in my account I’m unemployed.

          1. Please my payment it says diclain ad I don’t have income cos I changed the bank account I didn’t get 350on Dec it say it’s null ad I don’t know y it say that I want to know there is something wrong cos I don’t get any income please help me

          1. Hi Anelisa,

            It’s sad to know. The only solution now is to visit SASSA office in person and let them know about the whole scenario. They will help to sort out your 350 grant issue you are facing from May.

            1. Hi Joseph,

              Did you get the SARS payment this month? If it was received in 2020 than it doesn’t affect your grant payment until you fulfil the eligibility criteria.

        1. I didn’t get my 350 I don’t know why because still I’m not working I don’t have any income really I’m confused

        1. Hi simphiswesukani,

          I checked your status and it shows that your income of source has been identified for November hence your grant is rejected. But here is a good news too that your grant for December 2023 has been approved. Please check it out from here:

          Please never share your personal information publicly with anyone. I have removed your personal details from comment.

          Thank you!

      1. Please help me I don’t have a job I’m 50 years old and my sassa is being declined for no reason I never had a salary

        1. Hi Emmarentia,

          It must show the reason for declination. Can you please check your status again and let me know what reason its showing along with status declined?

          1. When ever they feel that they don’t want you to get grant they do so, and tell you that there’s some money detected in your account, which is lies because the bank statements says the opposite. Fraud will never end in this Department 📍

            1. Hi Ellie,

              That’s where appeal process comes to place. If you feel your grant is declined unfairly, you can always lodge an appeal to the independent tribunal. The appeal is reviewed by independent tribunal and they have power to overturn the SASSA decision and get your grant approved.

          1. It says source of income identified and i have no money going in my account.worse thing is that june 2022 apeal is pending while july 2022 is declined is complicated and recieving nothing

          1. Hi Vincent,

            First, please make sure that you haven’t any extra transactions on your bank account to avoid the declination.

            Now, you will need to contact SASSA helpline at 0800 60 10 11 to explain about the transaction on your account, then they may able to understand the scenario and can approve your grant again.

            Thank you!

      2. Hi there please help I didn’t receive R350 in December and January says declined please help me

      3. Hi admin
        Will you please help me,I launched an appeal in 2022,the results are still pending in 2024.2023 I only received in November only,December declined,the reason is always saurce of income
        And January 2024 also declined,the reason is NULL(what does that mean??)
        I’m not working nor receiving any monthly income,only the children’s grant
        Thank you

        1. Hi Lindiwe,

          In this matter only SASSA can help you directly. Please call their helpline at 0800 60 10 11 and explain them all the situation. Also ask them about your appeal status of 2022. They will answer your all questions and guide you on steps you need to take to solve your issues.

          1. I have not Bing working since this past 2to3 years and my sassa money is no more I don’t no what happened I tray appalling for it but nothing it’s happening

      4. Hi I’m Thabani,IV lodge an appeal from April last year it still saying pending from April to July 2023. What must I do?

        1. Hi Thabani,

          Usually an appeal should not take that longer. You need to contact SASSA helpline at 0800 60 10 11 to get the update on your appeals.

      5. I didn’t get for December I decline but I get for January nd I’m still waiting for my other months of 2023because I’m approved but no dates

        1. Hi Mhlengi,

          It must be showing the decline reason. Can you please let me know what reason it shows along with declination?

        1. I’m Ntombinaye Nakana I didn’t get my 350grant for December.It declined bcs of source of income and I didn’t have income

          1. Hi Ntombinaye,

            If you don’t have any source of income and your grant is rejected unfairly, then you have the right to appeal your grant by following the details described in this article.

        1. Hi mine was approved from 2021 Nov but still no payments made only got 2023 Dec payment only and my Jan 2024 it says decline…please help

          1. Hi Aaron,

            Can you please let me know what does it says along with status declined? It also shows the reason for rejection.

      1. I haven’t recived any R350 since 2022 until now and i have been appealing whats the next step to solve the matter

    1. My appeal from August 2021 to December 2021 have been reconsidered and approved but no paydate, what must I do?

      1. Hi Eddison,

        You need to call the SASSA to get updates on your paydate. If possible, visit SASSA office in-person to get the complete details.

    2. Hi I am Minerva Rafele my R350 has declined I dont know y because there’s no source of in come I am not working

      1. Hi Minerva,

        There must be the reason mentioned with the declined status. Can you please let me know what reason it shows for decline?

        Thank you!

    3. This is a disgrace ….i have been trying to sort my 350 and they continue declining. The srd system check says declined but on appeals system it says pending.
      Call centre can’t even assist. I’m so tired of this only God can change this
      Roslyn Scott

      1. Hi Roslyn,

        It’s so sad to here. Can you please described that what call center assistant says and why they can’t help?

    4. Didn’t get my January payment it says approved and they even said the date but haven’t received any payments I don’t know why

      1. Hi Thapelo,

        What was your payment date? And do you receive your grant money through bank account or cash send option?

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