SASSA Referred Status – A Step-by-Step Guide to Understand its Meaning, Reasons & How to Solve

Are you worried about your SASSA application being stuck in “referred” status? If yes, you will find the solution in this article today. The SASSA referred status means that your application is undergoing additional review to ensure eligibility and prevent fraud. While it might seem worrying, understanding the reasons behind your “referred” status and taking the necessary steps can help you get your application approved.

SASSA Referred Status

In this article, I will discuss all the possible reasons which can cause your SASSA application status to be “referred” and the step-by-step solution to get your grant application approved. By the end of this article, you’ll be clear on how to move your application forward and get the crucial financial support you need.

SASSA Referred Status Meaning

The SASSA referred status means that SASSA is holding your application due to some suspicion, and your application is undergoing internal verification and quality Assurance.

The SASSA review process includes a Fraud Risk Scoring verification process to determine if the applicant’s ID, phone number, or other details are used in any fraudulent activity. It is done by validating the applicant’s information with multiple criminal and fraud records databases, including the South African Fraud Prevention Services (SAFPS) database.

So, your SRD R350 application may be flagged for fraud risk scoring during the review process. However, it is unnecessary as SASSA can also randomly refer your application for a detailed review.

Reasons That Causes SASSA Status Referred

Multiple possible reasons may cause your status to be “referred”. The most common reasons are as follows:

1. Missing Email or Phone Number

If your application is missing your email or phone number, it can become the reason for the status referred. Please ensure your email and phone number are present in your SASSA application and are up to date.

2. Your Personal Details or ID Information Found in Other Databases

The one possible reason for the status “referred” is that your personal information or ID card details match other government aid databases, such as UIF, NSFAS, SARS or any other database that shows you are already receiving any support from the government.

3. Incomplete or Incorrect Documents

The status “referred” is sometimes also caused because you provided incomplete or incorrect documents to the SASSA in your application. Please ensure you always provide correct and up-to-date documents. If SASSA asks for additional documents or verification, provide them as soon as possible to avoid delays.

4. Duplicate Applications

If you submitted your SRD grant application multiple times or submitted different SASSA grant applications using the same detail. In that case, the SASSA system will identify your application as fraudulent, and your status will be referred. 

SASSA only considers one application for each unique ID card number. Please never submit your application more than once. It will only cause trouble and not help make your application process faster.

5. Fraud Activity Suspected or SAFPS Record

If your details are found in the South African Fraud Prevention Services (SAFPS) database or any other criminal database list. In that case, your status will be marked as “referred” for further investigation. You can also contact the SAFPS directly to remove your information if your details are added mistakenly to their database.

If you lost your SASSA card or your mobile phone was lost or stolen, contact SASSA immediately to avoid any fraudulent activity from your account. SASSA will block the fraudsters immediately and help you to recover your grant.

6. Mistake in Changing Banking Details

Your status can be marked as “referred” if you provide the wrong details while changing your banking details or provide someone else’s banking information. SASSA can’t pay your grant payment to someone else’s account. So please make sure you always provide the correct banking details.

7. Renewing or Applying for a New SASSA Card

If you were applying for a new SASSA card or renewing it but provided incorrect information by mistake, it can also cause the SASSA status to be Referred.

The above are all common possible reasons that caused your SASSA status to be shown as referred. There could be any other reason, which can be confirmed by contacting SASSA.

How to Solve the SASSA Status Referred

Now, you know almost all the possible reasons for your SASSA R350 status being referred. So, it is time to understand how to solve this referred status problem.

The solution to the SASSA referred status consists of three steps. The first step is to find out the exact reason, the second step is to solve the issue according to the provided instructions, and the third step is to submit the proof to the SASSA to let them know that you have solved the issue from your side.

I am describing each step in detail below:

Step 1: Finding the Exact Reason of Your Referred Status

The first step is to find the exact reason for the SASSA referred status on your application. First, check all the reasons I described above to see if you are able to find out the exact reason for your application. 

If you cannot identify it, you need to contact SASSA to find the reason first. You can contact them by following three ways:

1. Reach Out to SASSA via their Helpline:

Please follow the below steps for calling the helpline:

  • Contact SASSA via their helpline at 0800 60 10 11
  • You will receive an automated voice reply with different choices. Select the option that allows you to talk with a human representative. 
  • Once you are connected with a representative, ask them about the reason for your application referred status.
  • They will ask you to verify your identity. Provide them with your application reference number, ID card number and the phone number you used to apply for the SASSA grant.
  • Once verification is completed, they will let you know the exact reason for your application’s referred status and the steps you need to take to solve the issue.

2. Contact SASSA on WhatsApp

If you don’t feel comfortable on the phone, you can contact SASSA at their WhatsApp number, 0820468553. Message SASSA on WhatsApp and ask them why your status is referred. They will first ask to verify your identity. After the verification, they will explain the reason for your referred application status and provide the instructions to solve it.

3. Visit the SASSA Office In Person

If you don’t prefer digital communication mediums and only feel satisfied with traditional face-to-face discussions. In that case, you can visit the SASSA office to find the exact reason for your application status.

Go to your nearest SASSA office with your ID document, application ID and the phone number you used to apply for your SASSA grant. Please check out the office’s working hours before a visit. You may face long queues outside the office, standing in the queue and waiting for your turn.

After your turn, ask the SASSA official that you are here to find out why your application is “referred” status. They will ask you for your identity documents and the phone number you used to apply for your SASSA grant. After the verification, they will explain the reason for your status and the steps you need to take to fix it.

Step 2: Solving the Issue From Your Side

After you find the solution by contacting SASSA, it is time to solve the problem. Please note that you don’t need to do anything. If they reply that your application is marked as “referred” randomly for a detailed review, then there is nothing that needs to be done from your side. Otherwise, if they have mentioned any problem in your application, you need to solve it according to their guidance.

Most of the time, the issue is due to your record in the SAFPS (South African Fraud Prevention Services) database. If that’s the reason and you think that you have never done any fraudulent activity and your name in SAFPS records is by mistake, then you need to reach out to SAFPS to request them to remove your name. If your request is genuine and they verify that you don’t have any fraudulent records, they will remove your name.

Note: SASSA can also request you for biometric verification. In that case you will need to visit the SASSA office to complete the biometric verification process.

Step 3: Sending Email to SASSA with Proof

After you successfully solve the problem, you need to email SASSA at with proof that you have resolved the issue from your side. SASSA will review your request and update your application status accordingly.

Please remember that SASSA can take up to 2 weeks to update your application status after receiving the proof.

That’s it you need to solve your referred application problem. Now, wait for the SASSA. Your application status will be updated soon!

What is the Status “Referred SAFPS”?

The status “referred_safps” is similar to the status “referred”. The only difference is that it shows your application is not “referred” randomly for investigation. But your ID number, phone number, or personal details are used in fraud or high-risk activities.

Although it sounds worrying, if you have not committed fraud, you should stay calm, as your details can also be added to SAFPS records by mistake.

For the solution, you must follow the same process I described above and contact SAFPS to request them to remove your name.

What is Status “Referred Linked Risk Mobile”?

The status “Referred Linked Risk Mobile” shows that your phone number is used in any fraudulent activity, according to the SAFPS database. If you haven’t done anything wrong, you should not be worried.

You need to follow the same process I explained above and contact SAFPS to request the removal of your name. Once it is removed, you must send the proof to SASSA at


Dealing with a SASSA Referred Status might be worrying, but understanding the reasons behind it is the key to a solution. Whether your application is referred due to suspicions of fraud, SAFPS records, or any other reason, follow the simple three-step solution I described in this article to resolve it. Please remember that  SASSA may take up to 2 weeks to update your status, so remain patient and check your status regularly. If you face any difficulty, you can ask in the comments or contact SASSA directly. Soon, your much-needed financial support will be on its way.


Your SASSA application might be referred for various reasons, such as missing contact information, matching details in other government databases, incomplete documents, duplicate applications, suspected fraud activity, or a flagged SAFPS record.

You can identify the reason for your referred status by checking the common reasons listed in the article. If you cannot identify it, contact SASSA through their helpline or WhatsApp, or visit the nearest SASSA office with your ID and application details.

If your application is randomly referred, there is no specific action required from your side. You just need to wait for SASSA’s final decision.

Once you identify the issue by contacting SASSA, follow their instructions to resolve it. If the problem involves SAFPS records, reach out to SAFPS to request the removal of your name. After solving the issue, send proof to SASSA at

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    1. My friend application is done on my phone when i checked it was approved and then said reffered. He do not received srd for march and april. I confirm all his details are correct submit now it said identification link will send in 24hours but we still received nothing. I send a mail of to all the emails to investigate but still now feedback

  1. My application it becomes approved after sometime it says referred so i did follow all the steps calling them and also calling safp i even emailed them all the required documents since from 2021 even now i haven’t been helped because of what i don’t know even their call center they don’t know they always says that sassa doesn’t have turn around time so i don’t know when would that happen in South Africa to take desperate people into consideration.

    1. Hi Anneline,

      Please read this complete article to understand the reasons behind the status referred and how you can solve this issue.

    2. Since march 2023 i was getting the referred status on my application i then started calling SASSA to find out whats going on with my application then they given me an email that i must send my affidavit which i did nothing changed then i was requested to send a hanis verification which i did still my application its still giving me the same referred status i wanna know what’s going on ? And the number i applied with and i lost the simcard i can’t do simswap i went to Vodacom for swimswap they told me to pay so i don’t have any cash

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