SASSA Status Pending – Reasons & Solution

If you have applied for the SASSA grants and your SASSA status is still pending, then it is not something you should worry about much. Millions of people are applying for SASSA SRD grants, so it is quite hard for SASSA to handle multiple applications and process them quickly. It takes time to verify and process each application for them.

SASSA Status Pending

But what if you have applied and it took too much longer than expected, and your SASSA R350 status is still pending? If that is the case, I’ll guide you through this article about what actual SASSA status pending means, how your application is processed, and how long it can take to approve it.

Understanding the Meaning of “SASSA Status Pending”

The SASSA status pending means that your application is received by SASSA, but they still need to review and verify it before approving it. SASSA must verify all your government and financial records, including your identity, citizenship, and financial status to see if you are eligible for the grant. It does not indicate that your application is rejected, but it shows that SASSA needs more time to review it before approving or rejecting it.

Understanding SASSA Status Pending Meaning

You will receive a notification after your application is approved or declined. If approved, you will be asked to provide your bank details to receive the grant payments. In case of rejection, you will be provided with the reason why your application was rejected.

The Reasons Behind Your Status is Still Pending

Your application is still pending due to several factors. One of the main reasons is the high volume of applications submitted to SASSA. Thousands of applications are in the processing queue, and your application might still be behind in the sequence. SASSA manually verifies every application, which is a time-consuming process.

Before approving the application, SASSA also checks your application against multiple databases. Some of the main databases they check against are:

  • Department of Home Affairs (DHA) Verification: First of all, they verify your ID number against the database of the Department of Home Affairs. It is done to make sure that you are a South African citizen, a permanent resident, or a refugee registered with the DHA and also to verify your personal information.
  • South African Revenue Services (SARS) Check: They also check your ID against South African Revenue Services (SARS) to verify your income and financial condition. This verification ensures that you meet the eligibility criteria: you must be unemployed and not receive any other social grants.
  • Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) Check: SASSA also runs a check against your Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) to check that you are not currently receiving any unemployment benefits.
  • NSFAS Funds Verification: Your ID is also checked against the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) database to verify that you are currently not receiving any student financial aid.

In addition to these checks, SASSA may also verify your application against other databases, including the Department of Social Development (DSD) and the National Credit Regulator (NCR).

Once the verification from all the databases is completed, SASSA further assesses the potential for fraud by analyzing your ID and phone number through a fraud risk scoring system.

After reading that, I hope you have a more clear idea of why the SASSA takes much time to verify and approve your application. But let’s read further to know more about the process and how to make your verification process faster from your side.

How to Fix Your Status From Pending to Approved

First, you must wait until three months after submitting your SRD R350 grant application. If your SASSA application has been pending for over 90 days and is still pending, then you need to take action to avoid further delay and get the exact status of your application.

Fixing SASSA Status From Pending to Approved

To make the process quicker and get an update on your application, you need to do the following:

Reach out to SASSA via WhatsApp

Contact SASSA via their WhatsApp number 082 046 8553 to inquire about your application status. They will need your application ID to trace your application and give you the exact answer. They also might ask you to provide the ID number to verify they are talking to the grant application recipient.

Call SASSA via their Toll-Free Number

Call the SASSA call center via their Toll-Free number at 0800 60 10 11 and ask about your application’s status and the reason for the delay. The call center agent will ask you to verify your identity by your ID Number and Application ID. Upon verification, they will inform you of the exact reason and the current status of your application.

Visit Your Local SASSA Office to Ask About Why your Application is Pending

The best way is to visit your local SASSA office and inquire with the SASSA representative about the update on your application status. They may ask you about your identity documents and application ID, provide them with the documents. After verification, they will give you an update on the status of your application and why it is still pending.

How long will it take to be Approved?

Your SASSA application may take up to 90 days to be approved. But it depends on the number of applications they receive and the multiple other verification processes we discussed above. If your application is not approved even after 90 days, then you must follow the above process to get a quick update about the status of your application directly from the SASSA officials.

Tips to avoid longer Status Pending Wait

The delay in your application can also be due to your actions. To avoid longer delays in your application, follow the below best practices:

  • Submit Complete Information: You must submit the application with complete information. If you provided incomplete information or missed signing the form, SASSA will request you to provide the missing information, which will take further longer to verify.
  • Avoid Incorrect Information: Avoid providing incorrect information if you provided any misinformation by mistake or with the intent of fraud. It can cause much delay in your application verification as it will be hard for SASSA to verify. Providing incorrect information can also lead to application rejection and legal actions.
  • Provide All Required Documents: Provide all the required documents. If you do not provide all the documents, SASSA will ask you for additional documents, which will take longer to verify your application.

By following these guidlines, you will speed up your application process, minimizing any potential delays from your end. SASSA will then be able to focus solely on their verification process to approve your application promptly.

You should check your status regularly to keep yourself updated on the status of your application.


In conclusion, a pending SASSA status doesn’t mean rejection. SASSA deals with a large number of applications, leading to delays. This pending status shows that SASSA is still reviewing your eligibility, which includes a comprehensive process that involves multiple checks and verifications. If you haven’t received an update within 90 days, contact SASSA through WhatsApp, their Toll-Free number, or by visiting a local office. Patience and following these steps will increase your chances of successfully receiving your SASSA grant.


When you see “SASSA Status Pending”, it simply means that your application is received by SASSA and it is under review before approval. It does not mean your application is rejected, but it shows that SASSA needs more time to check if you are eligible for the grant.

Multiple factors cause delays in the processing of your application. One of the main reasons is that large numbers of applications are received by SASSA, causing your application to be behind in the queue.

The other reason is that SASSA verifies your personal information and eligibility criteria by cross-checking your information against various government databases, contributing to delays in your application approval.

The processing time for SASSA applications can vary depending on the type of grant you are applying for. SASSA applications generally take up to 90 days to be approved. The processing time may vary depending on the volume of applications SASSA has received and other factors, such as verifying your information against government databases.

If your application is still pending even after 90 days, then you need to contact SASSA via WhatsApp, their Toll-Free number, or by visiting a local office to get an update on your application status.

No, a “SASSA Status Pending” does not mean your application is rejected. It indicates that your application is under review and verification process by SASSA. This process takes time and involves multiple checks and verifications to determine your eligibility for the grant.

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  1. I got declined for February but approved and paid for March now but for April and May I’m still on pending. Does anyone know what to do?

  2. Hi why do i get 1 month aproved one month decline and they say source of income but am not working and no source of income and last month it was pending untill this month and declined and said the same thing source of income but dont have any source of income

    1. Hi I never receive any payment but it’s approved and when I’m trying to check status my phone number is not working

      1. Same thing happened to me since last yr it just says application active when I try to login it says invalid number

      1. april approved but no date its been 3 to 4 weeks now due to change of banking details what must i do.

    2. Re-apply using S.A I’d 13 no. Cellphone no.10 reconfirm your appid 6 no. I simply say re-confim your application.

        1. Hi I need help there is someone who apply R350 with my ID number so I can’t apply for myself it says already approved please help me

  3. Kindly assist,I have been declined and tried to appeal since July 2023 but my appeal status says Pending which makes me think no one ever attends to those appeals,and my employment status or my financial status hasn’t changed but I don’t get why some months I’m declined and in between I get approved

    1. Hi please can you Assist here since last year December my status keeps on saying pending than if I check after weeks it has declined and also this month to it’s still on pending………when I appeal for my previous months keeps on pending to and the reason for declining is that they wrote (Means of income)but I’m unemployed and receive no income.

      1. You must use your valid SA I’d no and cell phone no you used when applying,if you have missed your phone appeal,

      2. Check using valid SA I’d no cell you use when applying, re-apply and find-out if your application I’d 6 no is the same.

    2. When I put my phone number to check status it’s says invalid number
      Can someone explain to me why because I need this money I lost my job 2020 bt I don’t receive any money this is killing me

      1. Same thing happened to me since last yr it just says application active when I try to login it says invalid number

    3. SASSA uses system,if system, reject to approve your application is not a family feud,please wait until system accept you,

    4. Please take your S.A I’d book phone SASSA toll-free no. Your cellphone verified,if nothing is right re-apply or confirm that it is you.

  4. It’s almost like 3 months now and my status is still pending, no payments date. What can I do in order my status to be approved?

      1. I need to fill in my banking details because it says banking details pending and I didn’t fill them in,please help

          1. Hi Jayshawn Jamie could you please help me I signed up last yr July and it said application already active when I try to login it says invalid number and it was first time applying plzz help

  5. Hi my status for March 2024 has been declined reason it written Null. What does that mean ( Null)

  6. My application has declined can you help me with that because it’s my first time to be in this situation

      1. My sassa show me this..SASSA requires you to complete an identity verification process to finalise your SRD Grant application.

        When you click the “Request Identity Verification” button below, SASSA will send you a message with instructions to complete the identity verification process. Note that only one request per day will be accepted and it may take up to two days for the message to be sent.

        Once you receive the message, you will have three days to complete the identity verification process.

      1. Dear sassa my problem is apply my sassa with somebody’s number now it giving me problem when I suppose to get my sassa money.he delay to much for me to do my things please help me

      2. Dear Sassa I don’t understand why my sassa always says I have income while I’m not working please help me

  7. Phumudzo here
    I have I got payment for double in February 2024 but not in march I haven’t received anything yet what could be the reason .

      1. Can you please help me my February ssasa says approved but no date no money for March it says pending still not sure what must I do

  8. Hi registered from December 2023.
    December, January and February have been approved but no payment yet. What could be the reason

  9. Hi, I’ve changed my surname in January and I ended up not receiving R350. When I applied for a grant I was using KUBHEKA as my surname and now I’m using MASINGA. Please help me fix this so that I can receive the grant again. Please help because I really need this money. 🙏

    1. Hi Nothando,

      What is your surname in ID card? Please keep it same as in the ID card. After fixing, wait for 7 to 14 business days and then check your SASSA status again. Hope, it will solve your problem.

      1. Hi my status has been pending since november and some of my status I have requested for appeal but still

  10. Hi I applied for my brother last year Dec 2023 and this year Feb 2024.It says application active but the number is invalid.So when I check it says we should wait for 90 days before approval.And the WhatsApp number isn’t working and the system is harder than at the first time.Tha k you

  11. Hi you know what I don’t understand this I received my R350 in December, January was pending and I check again after 3, weeks it was declined, now February is February is still on pending I don’t understand this, my point is I don’t even receive UIF income,

  12. Hi I’ve replied for my daughter and I think I put in a wrong cellphone number in…so I can’t log in and I don’t know her application I’d.. please assist me

  13. My 350 is approved for 12 months and no payday
    They approved my banking details last year September..even now there’s no paydate

  14. My 350 is approved for 12 months and no payday
    They approved my banking details last year September..even now there’s no paydate

  15. My rsd has been declined since 2021 and it says source of income identified and I am not working nor a student and I don’t receive any allowance from anywhere…I have been appealing since but it’s still declining and some are pending..I tried to change my banking details but still nothing

    1. Hi Aya,

      Did you provided the enough document proof that you have not any source of income while appealing your grant?

  16. Please don’t decline my R350 Im struggling big time andhelps to put something on my table put yourself in my shoes and feel how it feels to go hungry

  17. My status says declined reason Nul I don’t understand because I’m not working and this money is helping me a lot plls help

  18. I applied for my 2 kids for child support grant. Only one got approved and the other one it says “not verified- in payment”. All documents were verified nothing is outstanding or flagged. It’s over 90 days now, and no one at sassa offices in Tokoza is willing to assist.

  19. I’m not working but I can’t get 350 srd and it’s always decline even if I appeal but still pending and declined

  20. Hi there since I help my son with sassa R350 last year and haven’t received anything yet. Last year between June and July.. Please help him I tried with his ID and contact numbers but still failing to apply…

    1. I have 3 approved months from last year no date till today since been waiting to get my dates I’m not working

  21. Good day i have completed the online application process successfully but then my application status January an February reads pending can you please advise on way forward

    Kind regards

  22. Hi I’m Vusi how possible that I was receiving R350 last year but this year is still on pending but other get paid?

  23. my 350 declined since October last of last year I do appeal several times they gave me for only one month the next month do the same the reason I don’t know where that income they see it comes from coz I have no longer working this money was helpful to me plz help what must I do to solve this issue coz am stuck

      1. Hello I also applied for srd I got it only for 2 months since then it shows declined and I’m not working at all and now for January it says null

    1. Hi Thulisile,

      If appeal is taking longer than 90 days, then you need to contact SASSA via their helpline or visit your nearest SASSA office to get the update on it.

  24. Hi most of 084 has been approved by mine it’s still pending on December I did get it’s now January that is pending and haven’t been receiving any money that card except Ihave a sassa card could it be the child grant bt I hv been receiving it whilst getting it and it’s on different cards. Its two children could it be that?

  25. I have applied for the R350 grant in December 2023 and it says pending even for January 2024 status says pending I have no other source of income previously I was collecting at the post office when I applied again for the grant I put in. My banking details as I now have a bank account. I try calling the toll free number subscriber for the grant option always not available the WhatsApp number does not work. Please help

    1. Hi Leo,

      Its sad to hear about your circumstances. If you are not able to contact SASSA on toll free number or WhatsApp, then You can visit your nearest SASSA office directly. Explain them your situation, and they will surely do something to get your grant back.

  26. Hi Jamie I also have a problem I have been declined December and now January as well.
    December it was because I got R500 sent to my bank account but now January the reason is null.May you please help on what I should do

    1. Hi Richard,

      You will need to contact SASSA via their call center at 0800 60 10 11 to get the exact update about your application.

      1. Can you help me my sassa status is pending idon’t know why cause everbody get approve plz help me ineed this money im not working

  27. Hi my name is Amanda pls help me about Sassa it’s be a longtime know since 2022.till know it’s pending n I ‘m not working I did try an appeal is not working so know I don’t know what to do I did call Sassa but still pls 🙏 help me it’s being a long time

  28. Hi
    My name is Nehie Mat

    The last time I got my R350 was Aug 2023, I really don’t know what the problem.

    1. Hi Neheng,

      Did you check your SASSA status? If yes, then can you please let me know that what status it shows?

      Thank you!

    2. Hi Neheng,

      Did you check your SASSA status? If yes, then can you please let me know that what status it shows?

      Thank you!

  29. Hi my name is Latasha Joseph I just want to know why cont I get sdr R350 can you tell me I just want to know please and I’m so desperate

    1. Hi Latasha,

      Can you please let me know what the reason it shows with declined status? There must be a reason showing that why your SRD R350 application is declined. If you can share that reason, I may able to see what’s causing this.

      Thank you!

      1. Hi I am Moleboheng. I applied for SRD grant and my payment status still pending. When approved, will it pay from January? And please help how I can confirm everything is OK, cos I got sms that my application is active

        1. Hi,

          Yes, when your application is approved, it will be paid from the month you applied. If you have already received the message, then it means everything is okay and SASSA is just processing your application through their verification process.

      2. My srd status still says pending and today is the last day of the month, so I don’t know what’s gonna happen now please help I really need this money

        1. Hi Raymond,

          Please contact SASSA at their helpline or visit your nearest SASSA office to find out the exact status of your SRD grant.

  30. I Have Applied For Srd Grant Since April 2023 And All The Months Have Been Approved But Thy Ain’t Giving Out The Date To Recieve The Money. Is There A Problem Or Must I Continue Waiting?

    1. Hi Akhona,

      It seems to be an issue. It should be sorted out by contacting SASSA via their helpline at 080 060 1011.

      1. Hi Ziyanda,

        It means that your grant application has been approved but SASSA didn’t provided any paydate yet.

  31. My application was pending because of banking details. If is approve please can you put at Shoprite Store.

    1. I have many months approve but no date and become decline again I don’t know what must do now please help me guyz I’m not working anymore I need this money a lot

      1. I never worked anywhere but I don’t get the money they allow say pending no date stating from last year

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