SASSA Payment Dates For June 2024

As June 2024 approaches, millions of South Africans eagerly await their monthly social grants from the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA). The good news is that SASSA has announced the payment dates for June 2024, and the disbursement will start on Tuesday, June 4, 2024.

SASSA Payment Dates for June 2024

In this article, we will outline the SASSA payment schedule for June 2024 for all the grants, including Old Age, Disability, and Child Support grants. Apart from that, we will guide you on the amount of grant money you will receive this month and how to collect it.

SASSA Grants Payment Dates for June 2024

Usually, SASSA payment disbursements start from the second day of the new month, but this time, they are starting from the 4th day of the month as it was the weekend on the 2nd day of the month.

The SASSA payment dates for June 2024 are as follows:

Old Age Grant Payment Date:

The disbursement of the Old Age grant monthly payment will start from 04 June 2024.

Disability Grant Payment Date:

The beneficiaries of the Disability grant will receive their monthly grant on 05 June 2024.

Child Support, Foster Care and Care Dependency Grant Payment Date:

The recipients of the Child Support, Foster Care and Care Dependency Grant will receive their monthly grant payment on 06 June 2024.

Social Relief of Distress (SRD) Payment Dates:

The disbursements of the SRD R370 (previously R350) grant will take place in the last week of June from 24 June to 30 June 2024.

The recipients of SRD grants are advised to check their SASSA status regularly to get their exact payment dates. Once you get your exact payment date, you can collect your payment on that day. If you provide your bank details as a payment method, your grant will automatically be deposited into your bank account.

Please see the table below for summarized payment dates overview:

Grant TypePayment Date
Old Age Grants04 June, 2024
Disability Grants05 June, 2024
Children’s Grants06 June, 2024
SRD R370 (Previously R350) Grant24 June to 30 June

Monthly SASSA Grant Payment Amounts

The monthly grant amounts are different for each type of grant and SASSA also does the increments for grant amounts every year. The last increase was made in April 2024, and the current amount for SASSA grants is as follows:

Grant TypeGrant Amount
Old Age Grant (60 to 75)R2,180
Old Age Grant (75 & Above)R2,200
Disability GrantR2,180
Child Support GrantR530
War Veterans GrantR2,200
Care Dependency GrantR2,180
Foster Child GrantR1,180
SRD R350 GrantR370

How to Collect Your Grant on Payment Date?

The collection of your grant payment depends on the payment method you selected while applying for the SASSA grant. SASSA provides you with multiple ways to collect your grant payment with ease.

Initially, the payments were paid at the Post Office, but then later, SASSA introduced other ways to collect your payment because there were always long queues in post offices, and beneficiaries sometimes even needed to wait for a full day to receive their payments.

Currently, SASSA provides the following methods to collect your payments:

Via Bank Account:

This is one of the convenient ways to receive your payment. If you selected “Bank Account” as your payment method, then you don’t need to go anywhere or wait to collect your payment. The grant payment is automatically deposited to your account on the payment date.

Once the grant is deposited to your account, you can withdraw it at any nearest ATM branch or by directly visiting your bank.

Via SASSA Card:

The other option to collect your SASSA grant is via a SASSA card. If you have the SASSA card and selected it as your payment method, then the grant money will be deposited to your account on the payment date, and you can withdraw it at any ATM or merchant.

Via SASSA Partnered Merchants & PayPoints:

SASSA also provides you with a way to collect your grant payments from their partnered merchants, such as Shoprite, Boxer, Pick n Pay, and Spar. If you have selected any merchant as your payment method, then you can visit that merchant on the payment date and collect your grant from it.

Via Post Office:

If you selected your payment method as Post Office, then you will need to visit the Post Office branch to collect your grant on the payment date. Please keep in mind that the post office may have long queues, so try to go early in the morning to avoid long waiting times.

Note: SRD grant recipients can’t receive their grant from the post office. They must select any other payment method to collect their grants.

What Can Cause Changes to SASSA Payment Dates?

SASSA always tries to make payments on time, but some factors can cause delays in payment dates. Please keep in mind that delays rarely happen, but if they occur, the SASSA informs beneficiaries in advance about the adjusted payment dates.

The following factors can influence changes in SASSA payment dates:

  • Public Holidays & Weekends: SASSA plans the payment dates one year ahead and considers all public holidays and weekends while planning the dates. But still, if they notice any public holiday or weekend on the exact payment date after announcing the dates, they simultaneously inform the beneficiaries and adjust the date to one day earlier or later.
  • Unplanned Incidents: If any unexpected event occurs at the payment dates, such as a natural disaster or any technical problem in the SASSA system, then SASSA may need to reschedule the affected payment dates.
  • Changes in Administration: SASSA might also need to change payment dates if any internal updates are going on such as they are planning to improve the grant collection process or application eligibility criteria. If any changes occur in payment dates due to administrative changes, SASSA will inform the beneficiaries promptly.


In conclusion, SASSA grant recipients will begin receiving payments for Old Age, Disability, Child Support, and other grants starting June 4th, 2024. Whether you are collecting via bank accounts, SASSA cards, merchants, or post offices, you must understand the process for smooth transactions. While occasional adjustments may occur due to holidays or unforeseen circumstances, SASSA remains committed to keeping beneficiaries informed. Keep yourself updated to make the most of your grants.


SASSA grant disbursements for Old Age, Disability, Child Support, Foster Care, and Care Dependency will start from June 4th, 2024, onwards. Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grants will be distributed between June 24th and June 30th, 2024.

SRD grant recipients are advised to regularly check their SASSA status to ascertain their exact payment dates. Once you have the specific date, you can collect your payment accordingly.

You can collect your SASSA grant payment via bank account deposit, SASSA card withdrawal, partnered merchants and PayPoints, or by visiting the Post Office. Choose the method that best suits your convenience.

Factors such as public holidays, weekends, unplanned incidents like natural disasters, technical issues in the SASSA system, or changes in administration may lead to adjustments in payment dates. SASSA endeavours to inform beneficiaries promptly of any such changes.

Yes, SRD grant recipients cannot collect their grants from the Post Office. They must opt for alternative payment methods provided by SASSA.

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