SASSA Payment Dates for May 2024

Are you waiting for your SASSA payment dates for May? If yes, then your long wait is over now. SASSA has officially released the payment schedule for May 2024, and the disbursement will start on Friday, 3rd May.

SASSA Payment Dates For May 2024

In this article, I will outline the payment dates for each type of grant, including Old Age, Disability, Child Support, and Social Relief of Distress. Also, you will know the grant amount you will receive for this month. So, let’s move further.

SASSA Payment Dates for May 2024

The payment dates vary depending on the type of grant you receive and your chosen payment method, which includes bank accounts, merchants, and cash pay points. Despite these things, SASSA makes every effort to pay your grant on its announced date.

The official payment dates released by SASSA for May 2024 are as follows:

Old Age Grant Payment Date:

The recipients of the Old Age Grant will receive their payment on Friday, 3rd May 2024. Any additional grants linked to your Old Age Grant, such as Grant-In-Aid, will be paid together.

Disability Grant Payment Date:

The beneficiaries of the Disability Grant will be paid on Monday, 6th May 2024. Any other grants associated with your disability grant will be issued together.

Child Support, Care Dependency, and Foster Care Grant Payment Date:

The beneficiaries of Child Support, Care Dependency, and Foster Care Grants will receive their payments on Tuesday, 7th May, 2024. The Child Support Grant Top-Up amount will be paid together.

SASSA SRD R370 (Previously R350) Grant Payment Date:

The payment of the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant will be disbursed in the last ten days of May 2024. You will need to perform the SASSA Status Check for your exact payment dates.

Follow these dates to receive your payment on time. If you receive your payment directly into your bank account, you don’t need to go anywhere to collect it. Just wait for the payment date, and it will be deposited directly into your account.

If you receive your payment from pay points or SASSA-partnered retailers like Shoprite, Boxer, or Pick n Pay, then you need to visit the pay point on your payment date.

Here is the table for the payment schedule for May 2024:

Grant TypePayment Date
Old Age Grant03 May, 2024
War Veteran Grant03 May, 2024
Grant-In-AId03 May, 2024
Disability Grant06 May, 2024
Child Support Grant07 May, 2024
Care Dependency Grant07 May, 2024
Foster Child Grant07 May, 2024
SRD R350 Grant07 May, 2024

What are the SASSA Grants Payment Amount for May 2024?

You will receive your SASSA grant payment amount depending on your grant. The actual amount for each type of grant is as follows:

Old Age Grant Amount:

The monthly old age grant amount is R2,180 for recipients between 60 and 74, while recipients aged 75 or above receive R2,200.

Disability Grant Amount:

The Disability Grant recipients receive R2,180 per month to support their needs.

Child Support Grant Amount:

The Child Support Grant (CSG) recipient receives R530 monthly payment for each child and an additional top-up of R250 per month per child. Collectively, the CSG recipients are paid R780 per month for each child.

Care Dependency Grant Amount:

The beneficiaries of the Care Dependency grant receive the grant amount of R2,180 per month.

Foster Care Grant Amount:

The grant amount for Foster Care grant holders is R1,180 per month.

War Veterans Grant Amount:

The War Veteran recipients receive a monthly grant amount of R2,200 per month.

Grant-in-Aid Amount:

The beneficiaries of Grant-in-Aid receive R510 monthly. Please keep in mind that Grant-in-Aid is offered as an additional grant to only qualified Old Age, Disability, and War Veterans grant recipients.

Social Relief of Distress (SRD) Grant Amount:

The SRD grant recipients receive R370 monthly. Please note that it was previously R350 and was increased in April 2024 for the first time since its release.

Please review the following table of the monthly grant amounts for each type of grant:

Grant TypeGrant Amount
Old Age Grant (60 to 75)R2,180
Old Age Grant (75 & Above)R2,200
Disability GrantR2,180
Child Support GrantR530
War Veterans GrantR2,200
Care Dependency GrantR2,180
Foster Child GrantR1,180
SRD R350 GrantR370

Please note that the SASSA grant amounts increase two times every year. Each increase takes place after six months, one in April, and the other increase happens every year in October.

How Can I Collect My SASSA Money on Payment Date?

The SASSA grant payments are made using the payment method you selected during your grant application. There are four primary payment methods that you can use to withdraw your SASSA money:

1. Collect Via Bank Account

If you selected your payment method as a Bank Account while applying, then you don’t need to go anywhere to collect your grant. The grant payment will be deposited directly to your bank account on the payment date and you can withdraw it any time by visiting your bank or from any ATM.

2. SASSA Partnered Merchants & PayPoints

If you selected to receive your payment via one of the SASSA-Partnered merchants or a specific pay point, such as Shoprite, Pick n Pay, or Boxer, you will need to visit that particular merchant on the payment date to collect your grant.

3. Collect Via SASSA Card

If you are an SASSA cardholder and selected it as your payment method, the grant payment will be automatically deposited to your SASSA card on the payment date. You can withdraw it at any time by visiting any merchant or ATM.

4. SASSA Post Office

If you selected the SASSA post office branch as your pay point, you will need to visit the post office on the payment date to collect your grant. Please note that the Post Office method is available for all SASSA grant recipients except SRD grant holders.

What Factors Can Affect SASSA Payment Dates?

SASSA aims to stick to its payment schedule, but a few factors can change the dates occasionally:

  • Public Holidays: SASSA considers public holidays when determining payment dates and makes adjustments accordingly. If a payment date coincides with a public holiday, SASSA will reschedule it for the preceding or following day.
  • Weekends: SASSA considers weekends when setting payment dates. If a payment date falls on a weekend, it will be adjusted to the nearest weekday.
  • Unforeseen Circumstances: SASSA may revise the payment dates in case of unexpected events such as technical glitches or natural disasters.
  • Administrative Changes: SASSA might change payment dates due to any administrative update. Although they always try to keep things smooth, sometimes they need to make changes. If dates change, they will announce new dates quickly.


So, the SASSA Payment Dates for May 2024 have been officially released, and the disbursement will start on May 3rd. Whether you’re receiving an Old Age Disability, Child Support, or Social Relief of Distress grant, it’s essential to note the specific payment dates to receive your payment on time.

You should also be aware of the exact amount you’ll be receiving and how it will be delivered, whether it’s deposited directly into your bank account, loaded onto your SASSA card, or available at designated pay points.

Please also be aware of potential delays due to public holidays, weekends, or unforeseen circumstances. SASSA will communicate any changes through its official channels only.


The payment dates for May 2024 vary depending on the type of grant you receive, with disbursement starting from May 3rd.

The grant amounts range from R370 to R2,200 per month, depending on the type of grant you receive, such as Old Age, Disability, Child Support, Care Dependency, Foster Care, or Social Relief of Distress.

Depending on the payment method you selected during your application, you can collect your grant payment via bank account deposit, SASSA partnered merchants and pay points, SASSA card, or at the SASSA post office branch.

Factors such as public holidays, weekends, unforeseen circumstances, and administrative changes may affect SASSA payment dates. SASSA promptly communicates any changes through official channels.

The SRD grant will be disbursed in the last ten days of May 2024, and recipients need to perform an SASSA status check for the exact payment dates.

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